Looking to get back into Blazblue

It’s been quite a while since I played this game, but then after CS Extend came out I never bothered seeing as how I just got CS a few months before that was released. Still, it’s been a while and I gotta say when I played Blazblue it blew my mind (no pun intended). I remember I was pretty noobish when I picked it up back then so getting back into it I’m debating if I should still play as Ragna. I like playing rushdown characters, but I always thought Hakumen looked pretty cool too, Any suggestions?

Ragna is easy to learn and play, but may end up being a bit of a crutch. Hakumen is also very strong, but he’s less ‘stupid’ overall.

You might also consider Bang, who is more thoroughly rushdown than Hakumen and more tricky than Ragna, while still being quite strong.

Really though, I suggest you just mess around with characters until you find someone who feels right.

Oh wow, this section of SRK has been so dead…it’s sad really.

Anyhoo, Ragna is a great character to start out with. One of the best rushdowns in the game, but as Airk said, using him will probably dillute your execution and make it harder to learn higher level/better characters in the future. I guess you could try Noel out, seeing as how she had brain-dead combos and you can pretty much mash HCF+ Drive to pull out a full-fledged combo AND distortion, but that’s a pretty shitty thing to do. :rofl:

I’d break it down like this:

If you wanna have fun for the most part, pick Hakumen, Relius, Tager, ect
If you wanna win, pick Noel, Ragna, Platinum, ect
If you like zoning, pick Tao, Hazama, Lambda, ect

But mess around with all the characters, see who you like. Don’t limit yourself to just a rushdown, or Grappler, Zoner, ect.


Ragna. Bang. Tao.

Pick anyone you like, really.

Also LOL at the above post

“If you want to have fun: Tager”

Tager is the most suffering character ever.

Not in EX. Tager is a monster in all but like, 2-3 matchups in EX. He inspires way more suffering than he has unless you do nothing but fight Hazama/Arakune/Mu the entire time.

Pick yourself a character with like, no good matchups and get back to me if you want ‘suffering’.

I’m looking at you, Rachel.

I would argue that both Rachel vs Tsubaki and Rachel vs Makoto are 5.5 in Rachel’s favor.


It’s 1am so I’m not even going to attempt a write up. But…Just no. Tager is still absolute suffering. It’s just his magnetism game but a buff of biblical proportions.

And Rachel is a good character. Very good. I’d argue the fact she has a lot of Even matchups tbh. Just she has a few really bad ones such as Hakumen and Valk.

I disagree. Tager facerolls anyone he can put on the defensive. It’s only if the opponent can play the “haha, can’t catch me!” game that he has any issues. If he had some way to catch Tao/Valk/Arakune/Hazama, he’d be up there in the top tier.

He loses to anyone with high priority pokes during neutral hard. This places him in the position of “Waiting for them to fuck up” or catching them off guard etc. He can’t compete in neutral at all. Now if we take a look at some characters and the pokes they have that beat Tager.

Ragna - Everything.
Mu - 5C
Hazama - 3C
Hakumen - Lol C
Valk - Wolf Form + 5C
Lambda - 3C / 6D
Bang - 5B (Kind of…)
Litchi - Staff
Rachel - 6B / Pumpkin

I know that doesn’t mean it’s a bad matchup. But Tager has to work hard to get in. Sure, he has his even matchups now, and even a few good ones. But a lot of the above are against him pretty hard (Hakumen, Valk and Hazama especially.)

I dunno; Just because he has a hard time at footsies doesn’t mean he’s got a bad matchup - if he can even land magnetism, he can make most of those character’s lives hell. Yeah, he probably had hard times against most of those characters in CS2, but his combo damage and meter gain EX mean that he really only needs one good chance and one solid mixup and he’s pretty much got it against all those people. The only ones who are REAL problems are the ones who have easy runaway games. Careful spacing + sledge gets him in on characters who rely on projectiles to zone. I think most of his matches are 5/5.