Looking to get artwork printed out

Does anyone know any companies or people that print out fightstick artwork. I have a design that im trying to get printed and the button holes cut out. I have already messed up 3 sheets trying to do it myself. Also im having problems with tek innovations so im looking for other options besides him

I’d still recommend Tek Innovations, but if you must go elsewhere:

Also, if you’re having an issue with the holes, just invest in a nice Xacto knife and take your time.

Kindly spare us the Anomaly shit please. His plexi comes from Tek Innovations (at least used to), he has no activity here on SRKTT, and he still has a shitty rep from many myself included.
He is not a man of his word, and can’t even apologize for any of his mistakes.

@FrankCastleAZ I was unaware of his negative rep, I have interacted with him on IG n he seemed like a decent enuff dude. Seems like he did decent enuff work, so was solely basing it off of that

I found some kinkos locations aren’t bad. Sometimes smaller mom and pop print shops works too, but that varies with the individual shop.

I’d say Fedex Office (formerly Kinko’s) is a good place to go also. Just put your art on a memory stick and print 2-3 copies there. Print a few because you WILL mess up the first one. Then place your artwork over your stick and gently cut out the holes with a hobby knife or x-acto knife.

What I like to do is simply cut out the outside of the art first to fit the stick (if necessary) then cut the holes.

Messaged him 2.5 weeks ago and still no response.

Already tried that Messed up 3 sheets and scratched my plexi(which needs to be replaced now)as wel. I just dont have money to keep wasting on reprinting and buying exacto knifes. I decided to give them a chance since they apparently are the only people who can cut buttons out of fightstick art. Paid for my services cant submit my artwork cause the website isnt working properly. I know a lot of people have think thier awesome and im not saying they are garbage but im not having much luck with them. I’m been trying to get help cutting out my buttons for close to a month now. I’ve made Craiglist ads, Deviantart, reddits all to find anyone who can cut the buttons out of my design. At this point im offering cash to literally anyone who can help me out. Hell at this point im about to put a bounty as well to find someone who can help me

None of the kinkos are able to cut the button holes out. So then im left with the art unusable cause i cant cut the holes out.

Already tried that. Result=3 messed up sheets scratched plexi and having to get stitches

Maybe at this point it’d help if you told us how you were going about cutting the button holes yourself?

Not knocking your skills or something, but if you’re messing up print after print after print and stuff with the hole-cutting part, it sounds like something we can help you improve that technique, and it’d save you money down the line.

Didn’t someone came up with a compass from an arts and crafts store that its sole purpose is to cut perfect circles in paper?
Hell if you are local Mrawesome44 I would offer to cut the holes for you, for maybe the cost of lunch or a beer or something.

What I used, costs $10 or so at a arts/hobby store.


Cutting holes in paper while it’s on top of a metal panel is not rocket science. Unless you have some sort of disability, you should be able to handle doing it. If not, feel free to throw money at someone to do it for you. @FreedomGundam can take the nice guy side with “not knocking your skills” while I be the asshole and say this thread is garbage maybe even with a hint of troll.

If you’re having that much trouble with cutting out holes, go to this video, skip to 3:32 and.follow what the guy does.


If your stick doesnt have a plexi, you could use the.metal panel or the entire case’s top panel as the stencil instead, but its probably more diffifult.

If you actually wanted to.insert the cutouts into buttons, just trim the outer circumference of each cutout until it fits in the plunger (if the template.you’re using has.inner circles to indicate button cutouts, even easier).

I decided to give it another try. I got most of the white out out but theres still a little showing. The plexi is a little loose not a whole lot but if theres a way to get it still i would appreciate it. The plexi im using is the default madcatz so if there are better suggestions for that as well id love to know. Thnx everyone for your help. I hope i wasnt too much of a bother

Replace the MadCatz plexi with a Tek-Innovations plexi.

i’ve long switched to printing my art on photo paper.

inkjet on card stock gives lackluster looking blacks. colors on photo paper tend to be more vibrant too, less streaking and “grain”. (but that also depends on your printer), and less susceptible to warping due to humidity/temperature (well depending on your paper weight too).

best of all, it doesn’t really chafe when cutting unlike cardstock and is more durable overall (it can get wet and just wipe it off, normally). seriously, cutting photopaper with an xacto is like butter.

i honestly don’t suggest printing in places like staples or kinkos because their equipment is set up for mass quantity/fast printing, you wont get the best results in my opinion. and most of the time the guy working behind the counter isn’t as informed/skilled as a legit graphics printer shop. waste of time.

if you can, get it printed at a shop that does giclee prints, chances are they can accommodate your needs (they use inks that never yellow/fade too), if you know someone who has a large format printer that can do photo paper, even better. 11x17 printing should be enough for most arcade stick metal panel sizes.

best route: get a nice printer, get good photo paper, print it yourself.