Looking to dual mod a ps3 te stick

Whats it going to cost me, and what do I need :open_mouth:

i found 28 gauge wire the best, so get a reel of that. ($5)
hot glue gun/hot glue is optional, but extremely useful. ($5-10)
soldering iron/flux/solder ($15+)
madcatz 360 pcb (depends on if you get it new or used, but usually $35+)
you can either spend an additional $10 for the imp board, or do a dual pull dual throw switch. (i personally found the imp worth it).

i may have missed something.

I can get the pcb without buying a te stick?

Only in SRK Trading Outlet.

But you don’t need a PCB from Tournament Edition.
You can use Mad Catz FightPad or Mad Catz #4716 Xbox 360 Controller.

I see, thanks

So the PS3 TE can’t be modded in the same way the 360 TE Stick Can?