Looking to buy shaft cover for LS-32 joystick

I can’t find one anywhere. I’ve already wrecked one black cover trying to hollow it out and trim it. Can anyone help me out?

There no way to actually fit a existing shaft cover for the LS-32.

The closest thing there is is the LS-32-01-SC, which is a variation of the LS-32 with a different, thinner shaft and a shaft cover made only for the LS-32-01-SC


The only way to get a shaft cover on a LS-32 is to machine mod one. Might be a shop that deals with plastic molding that can do it for you or if you have the tools (I assume most people wouldn’t, unless they deal with molding plastics), mod an existing shaft.

You can try this old link and see. Some people managed to get a shaft cover on a LS-32.

Boba (Pearl Tea) straw, hella colors to choose from too.

That isn’t cheap or practical for a one off.

Also the OP said he tried to make his own from a JLF, and that didn’t work out for him.

I found what works is Crayola marker caps

I used a regular clear sanwa shaft cover and an LS-32-SC from arcade shock. The SC has a thinner shaft. But the SC’s shaft’s quality control isnt too good. Sometimes its a tad big to fit the sanwa shaft cover and sometimes its a tad small. When its a tad small i just wrap one layer of electric tape and the shaft cover will stay in place. But when its too big theres nothing u can do except get another SC shaft or shave some of the plastic away. I wanted to use one of the transparent shaft covers so that wasn’t an option for me. If you do manage to get a really good SC all you do is take a file and slowly work your way down from the top until its short enough to be flushed with the shaft. I managed to get a pretty good one that fits the sanwa shaft cover perfectly. I use a clear sanwa shaft cover on my LS-32-SC.

The regular old LS-32 has a much thicker shaft than the SC so what I did when I had one of those was use a small circular file and slowly file away one of the non clear shaft covers. It ended being pretty thin but because of the metal shaft, it was able to support itself without issues once its on.

heres a crappy image of one of my spares