Looking to buy a pc specifically for ggpp

Found this set up on craigslist for 175

GX270 complete system configured with:

2.8 GHz P4 CPU
512 mb memory
200 gb hard drive
HP 19" LCD monitor
Windows XP Pro
Microsoft Office Professional
keyboard, mouse, video cable and power cords

my laptop is a pos amd dual core 4 gigs of ram, but this thing is always getting really hot…

If i were to buy that desktop i’d maxout its ram, just wondering what the recommended specs are

better than both of my pc’s and i can run ggpo games full speed so go for it.

Have you tried running the program on your current computer yet? Cuz you already have 4gigs ram and seems like your computer should run it fine.

Toshiba laptops are pos’s…im not running anything right now and its running really hot…turns off every once in a while

my toshiba laptop runs GGPO fine…

seems like a good price, but more than likely has shared ram with video or cant be upgraded all that much with more ram, dual core and 4gigs or ram should run almost any emulator, what surface to you set your laptop on?

not worth it.