Looking to buy a fighting pad for PS2!

Hey guys! I’m looking to buy or trade for a PS2 fighting game pad. One that has all 6 attack buttons on the front kind of like the old Sega Saturn pads. Please attach pics if you have them and a description of the pad (brand and model if possible). No Street Fighter Anniversary Pads though please! I already own 2 of them and I think they kind of suck, which is why I’d like something else.
I have excellent item trades such as arcade style joysticks, VERY rare games for multiple systems, or of course a reasonable cash offer as well.
Please provide pics though (of course), and I will provide pics as well to anything you may want to see as a possible trade.

Thanks! :wgrin:

they have sega saturn pads for ps2, but ill warn you. they are tough to find and i got a bargain at $50 for one. good luck though. ill keep my eyes out for you.