Looking To Build a Custom Arcade Cabinet: Need Help

I am looking build a Custom Head2Head Cabinet

inspired by the Custom Cabs seen here

My Idea Cab would look something Like this

I am not handy and have NO idea where to start so naturally I have
serval questions. Excuse my ingerance if some of these questions seem redundant.

  1. Who/Where would I go to get the plans/blueprint/mockup for the
    actual design plans.

  2. Where would I go to actually get something like this built?

  3. I am planning to use 2 market arcade sticks as the “arcade panel”
    “see reference” and want to have the actual stick embedded into the cabinet. However I would want to have the option to upgrade/multimod for multi-console and future console use. Where/who would I go to on information for that.

Ive seen some brillant work on these forums hopefully you guys can help me build something brillant as well. Thanx.


Kray makes some great stuff, or Donovan Meyers as well :slight_smile:

Emailed Him, thank you!

just stumbled on this thread and was wondering if there was ever any progress made on this project