Looking for X360 SSF4 players who are into this as much as i am and want to play

My SF friends are pretty much split into two groups: The “casual spam hadoken and jump constantly” players, and the “better than me i can’t do shit against them” players. I’m looking for people a little more on my level or a little better than who are into learning about this game as much as i am. I’d consider myself above average, i know basic-intermediate techniques, gotta start getting into P-linking soon though. I want to take it to tourny’s when i feel i’m ready (would of gone to NEC this weekend to get my ass kicked if i didn’t absolutely need to work)

So if anyone out there plays on X360, has a personality, and wants someone who is looking to up their game knowledge and won’t be putting down SSF4 anytime soon Drop me a FR or MSG on Xbox Live: Deadlight 7

I would not mind getting some games in with you who do you main?

I main Cammy for now, was thinking about going with Akuma or seth possibly. (Maybe wait til after the patch with seth… lol)

I also should of mentioned one of the key reasons for me doing this is i want to get into good habits. I’m tired of actually working wakeup ultras into my gameplay because they’re effective against people online. it’s like working against myself.

I main cody/dudley and im sort of in the same spot as you.
Gt is Shadoweons hit me up for some matches!

O ok cool well my main character is Bison #2 is Abel and my #3 character is juri I’ll be on around 4:30 P.M. central time hit me up for some games bro

Hit Me up on XBL GT: Inspector Arch. Main Bison.

Yo, feel free to add me. I’m also a Cammy main and I could help you out with some stuff. Only problem is I don’t have a mic, but I’m working on that. Feel welcome to hit me up anytime for some games :slight_smile:

GT: nk4e I main Chun

Hit me up. Gsynth.

friend me(Hikaie), I’ll throw down with ya. I, at least, don’t cheez it out and spam shoryuken panics 24/7.

add me if you like

socksfelloff on XBL. i hover around 700-1k pp and currently 3100bp with bison

Add me for some fights.

I’d be up to spar a bit. GT: TheGremp

I main Juri. I’m working on Ibuki, but I’m still hella scrubby with her.

I’m up for some fights.
Drop me a message.


Add me, I switch between Blanka and Ehonda, trying to learn boxer and I want to pick up a shoto character. I only have two friends that play Street Fighter (Both are extremely free) so I’m trying to find others to play with so I can learn different match ups. Shoot me a message.

XBL: Trebinator T2
I hover around 1250-2000 PP