Looking for writers

Hey im not sure if this is the best place to ask this but figured fan fiction would be the best place.

Im looking for some people to help with writing articles for out site. if anyone could help me out that would be very helpful or if you know were i could go to find some people to help with my site as far as articals, strats, humor, and news.

if this is the wrong place to post this feel free to just lock it.

you can contact via pm here, email me (wishwarriorx@fightersx.com) or visit my site.

I might be able to help, but it depends on what you are looking for. Can you tell us more about what you want?

sure thisis what i have posted on my site:

  • 5 article writers
  • 1 for daily articles (most likely myself, editors articles)
  • Strategy Writer (combo guides, tricks, cheaps ect)
  • Game News writer (news on video games, fighting games and more, prob the most writing involved with this one.)
  • game humor writer (for now will prob be 1 time a month but if it becomes popular may become its own site, lots of open space and creative freedom here)
  • Game history writer (once a week articles featuring information about past games. and “history of” type of thing. once it is written, update it when something new is added to that history. does not require the whole thing be written in a week but a new chapter or section be added every week. this is flexible would allow every month if needed.)

i already have the editor position taken care of.

however a strats writer is needed so someone who has a good knowledge of fighting games. (got one person who volenteered for this already)

the game news is to find news on fighting games, arcade games, tournaments, and console information. find the info write an update and post it to the news page.

the other which is the main one im trying to find people for is a game writer willing to write daily to weekly articals on games, either serious, humor, technical ect. just any kind of game related articals. i’d like to get a few poeple who would help on this. the more creative the better.

last is a writer to create a history of artical. example would be history of street fighter, history of fighting games, history of video games, you get the idea. most likely wouldnt be a weekly thing prob be a monthly thing due to the size of writing.

at the moment i wouldnt be able to pay however im working on trying to bring some income into the site. got to make sure the server bills are payed and then once the bills are payed the extra money will be used to pay those who help out the site. i believe with more content to bring people to the site the more income google ad’s will bring as well.

hopefully that is the information you needed. again let me know via PM, email or through my site. thanks

You’re better off posting this in General Discussion, as you seem to be looking for more journalist-style writing than fiction.

ok thanks bowling pin :slight_smile: , ive actualy had a few people say they would help. i dont sapose theres anyway to move this topic to general is there?