Looking For Wooden FightStick Case Unfinished

Looking for unfinished wooden fightstick cases similar to the one’s sold on lizardlick by team foe hammer that were sold for $59.95. I have checked various websites, such as shadowloo, as well as others, but sadly have yet to find what I’m looking for. Most of the options supplied in the “Custom Fighstick” thread were inactive or down. I was hoping I would be able to find someone that is willing to make or sell two boxes for around $100 -120. The kind of wood used is irrelevant for the most part. Website recommendations are welcome and appreciated. Thank you for reading.

I have an unfinished QCF case that I never got around to using, if that’s something you would be interested in.

Thank you, and yes I’m interested. Would you mind sending me or posting a picture?

Abe, you might also try NightWalker’s Simple Case thread. These are pretty handsome at $70/ea. Keep in mind that they’re MDF, so you’d probably have to paint them rather than stain & clear coat.



DIY poplar box, $60. I ordered one and am still awaiting it. Shipping was like $13.