Looking for the Fundamentals

Is there a FAQ that explains things like “meaty” and “crossover”? Thanks.

Here we are: http://www.sirlin.net/archive/my-street-fighter-tutorial-videos-from-ccc2/

Lots of KOF stuff on here but it still covers a lot of key terms:

On these forums, meaty is used in two different ways. It’s annoying.

  1. a well timed attack that will beat failed reversals
    "That guy can’t reversal DP consistently; after you knock him down do a meaty jump in and he’ll either block or eat it."

  2. an early, ground based, well timed attack that gives you big frame advantage / new combo possibilities
    "I knocked him down with Guile and then I comboed a meaty crouching medium kick into crouching strong to win the round."

denki - check your pms bruddah

Awesome! Thanks, guys.

Okay, so I’ve been playing the SF Anniversary Collection (both SF2 and 3) online. I think I know most of the jargon and the ideas behind them (doing them is a different matter, of course) but I still get creamed by really good players. In my small circle of friends I’m top dog but online I’m small fry, easily chewed up and spat out, lol. Seriously, I don’t know where to begin. My problem I think isn’t with learning a particular character; it’s the basics. This one guy beat me with Ken so many times it wasn’t even funny. I couldn’t even do anything. When he was in my face I couldn’t find any openings. And if I sit there and block I know I’m getting thrown. And when he’s standing over me as I’m getting up I know I’m in deep shit because I have no idea how to get out of his onslaught. And he didn’t just whoop me with Ken. He pretty much played as every character and had his way with me. That’s what I mean by the basics. It’s not even about who either of us pick. I can’t even approach him or defend myself without getting clobbered no matter who we play as.

I know it’s a lot asking someone to help me when I need SO much help. But any tips at all would be helpful.

Well, some characters have a very hard time in certain situations or against certain opponents. Who were you using? Was it someone who can’t escape from a corner very well? I think Sirlin gives a few good examples in his tutorial videos of pretty tough to get out of situations… For example, when Honda has an opponent cornered he can just low jab->ochio throw repeatedly and it can be very hard to escape. It may not have really been fundamental knowledge that you were lacking so much as something more situational, like a bad matchup or a tough situation.

  1. A vital part of success in this game is to learn matchups, that is, how the character you choose plays against each of the 12 characters (and some of the “old” or “super” versions of them). You can do that by:

a) going here, scrolling down at the bottom to where it says “super turbo” and clicking on whatever character you choose (its incomplete, but its a great resource)

b) going to one of the threads on here for the character you are having questions about and asking for advice versus a character that is giving you problems.

Was Ken doing this to you a lot?

I’m willing to bet that Ken crossed you up a lot. It’d be nice to know what character you are using because the matchup goes differently depending on who you use.

2)Also, watch these. This is David Sirlin’s tutorial on ST. Rather informative


3)Another thing you should do is to watch videos on youtube of good players. Here are some to get you started


4)Also, go to Nohoho’s website. Its awesome.

  1. Get the Yoga Book Hyper. Its entirely in Japanese, but it has hitboxes (visua l indicators of where a move actually hits an opponent, and where you can be hit), and comes with a nice X-Mania DVD with awesome Japanese players
    Its also good for learning the mechanics of this game, as in how many frames a move is active, recovery, all that good stuff

  2. Play anyone and everyone! As you no doubt found out, you might be king amongst your friends, but you are actually a small fish in a very large pond. Different ppl have different ways of playing, so experience among a wide variety of ppl is a plus. There is no substitute for experience.

  3. Participate in tournaments. Even if you dont win, you’re still around ppl who love the game(s) you love, you meet new ppl, and you help keep the fighting game scene alive

I wouldn’t really advise playing on XBL when you can play on PC over nFBA (if you use a PS2 controller, get a PS2 -> USB converter). The quality of the connection on nFBA makes it play closer to offline ST. Tick throws are way too good on XBL and prediction is way too important.

Wow. It’s times like this I wish there was a wiki that explained the basics of ST.


Thanks, guys.

At first I was sticking with Guile because he’s my favorite. But then I started switching it up. I tried just about every character. Eventually he started switching, too, and he also used just about everybody. I never won a single round, lol.

He did indeed crossup a lot, but I eventually started to hold the opposite direction to block the crossup. My main problem was when he was right in my face pecking at me while I’m blocking. I never was able to get a hit in between pecks and I was constantly getting thrown. BTW, I used Guile the most, but eventually I started using every character.

Thanks for all those links.

I’m using an XBox controller. I can’t do a DP motion for beans with it, but I have no problem using Guile with it, and he’s my favorite anyway. However, I’m about to get the EX2 Arcade stick. The connection on XBL does lag slightly every now and then for me, but overall it seems okay.

Flash Kick is your friend.

Clouds part, seas recede, and a ray of light shines on one truth…The gospel has been spoken…

Well, obviously the first step to avoiding that is not letting them near you in the first place; Guile is pretty well equipped to do that. Watch videos of good Guile players (Muteki, Kurahashi, Yoshio, Tsunoppi, Batayan, etc…) to figure out how he’s basically played.

I guess I can give some basic Guile advice, though someone else can probably do better than me. You generally want to throw lots of booms to force the opponent to jump, use your low forward kick to prevent them from walking up to you, and anti-air with flash kick or low Fierce if you aren’t charged. If you get a knockdown, you can either throw a meaty sonic boom and continue zoning, or go for [crossup j.short, cr.Strong], then combo into flash kick if they don’t block it, or do a blockstring of [cr.Short, cr.Forward, boom] or simply walk up and throw if its blocked. Mix up the timing and speed of your booms to try to make the opponent land on them. Use cr.Fierce to fake booms and bait jump ins.

As for up close, you pretty much have to just block until his blockstring’s done and then deal with whatever he does after. Watch his blockstrings and try to figure out when he likes to throw, and throw him first, or flash kick. Figuring out what constitutes a solid blockstring and what is vulnerable is just something you’ll have to play more to learn, so just try things out and don’t be afraid to get hit for experimenting.

This is probably much better advice than I gave.

Dont throw a lot of booms up mid range vs Dhalsim because he can just crouch + MP or crouch + HP to hit you under them, then he holds back to block the boom.

Learn Guile’s Backfist range, then try this: throw a sonic boom from that range and hope your opponent throws a fireball. The two projectiles cancel each other out. Meanwhile, Guile recovers faster from throwing a projectile than anyone, so once he does, you do the backfist while your opponent is still stuck in their recovery animation from throwing their projectile. You end up damaging your opponent and they cant do anything cause theyre in recovery

Also, throw a sonic boom. If your opponent jumps, hit down + fierce punch as a viable anti-air. At worst you trade hits, but its a decent strategy if you have the lead in life. I dont think this works against Chun’s lk/mk though? I could be wrong…

I can relate. Moving from big city to small town cut off my potential for actual competition. Until I met my friend Jay about a year ago I had not been able to find a serious opponent at all. I actually wound up having to unlearn the game to keep from scaring all my friends away from the controller.

I unlearned throw tactics and my timing on alot of things really became very lax. Not just for ST, but pretty much every game I played. When you friends cannot get anywhere near your Sentinel…you either start playing like ass or play bad characters.

I am definately below tournie quality at the moment, but improving.

Watch lots of vids, find demo and tutorial videos.

Take chances in game, if your current mode of defense is failing then try something new. Losing while trying a new idea is better than losing while standing still.

When I first started playing against Jay, he had been managing to get in some decent serious play on ST for longer than I had and was far more sharply tuned. He was a tad rusty, since I was still better than all the locals and he had not been in Toronto for a few years. So we both had a learning Curve. For the Longest time I could not beat his WW or Champ Guile. Could not beat his ST Blanka either for a while either for some reason.

A year later we have both learned so much more about the game. After schooling him with Boxer (completely unplayed where he is used to) he took to learning him and his Boxer is now annoyingly better than mine. I still have not caught onto getting throw loops going honestly, years of being nice to friends (and living in Vancouver where it was standard casual practice to offer a free hit after a throw) has left me weak in the basic throw area.

Anyways, to my point.

When we first got together, it was 80/20 in his favour (SFIII is generally 50/50, The Alpha series are 80/20 for me usually…but we only play when we wanna dick around). He came over two nights ago. I had taken the few days prior and studied some vids I had not seen before. Tried some new tricks and strategies in pratctice. When we played, He scored at most 2 wins in SFIII. Then we moved onto SFII, it was the same. Some study and pratice and from one week to next it went from 80/20 him to 90/10 me. Alot of things just seemed more on for me. I even scored a 3/0 matches sweep of my Gief vs his Honda (whom I could never beat with Gief reliably before), 2/0 matches Gief vs his O Sagat, and crushed his WW Guile with my ST Guile pretty badly. Some other more common victories for me as well (with Claw, T. Hawk, Ryu), but they were matches I was more capable of previously anyways.

So study vids, try new things, practice. It will come. Just be willing to put the time in. And get a new controller.

yeah reversing tick trows online is irritating cause of lag, thats why i dont bother playing on XBL
its not really gonna help you become the best as much as goin to the arcades and playing some of the best players out there