Looking for the cheapest laptop that barely runs SSF4:AE (PC) on mid/low settings, any tips?

Hey guys, I’m looking for the cheapest laptop that will run SSF4:AE, the following settings are essential

Frame Rate: Must be 60fps, but slowdown/frame skipping during certain Ultras/close ups that dont effect gameplay is acceptable ( the console ports already do this).
Backgrounds: Enabled, but Ill settle for the reduced texture stages if needs be

http://aemods.pbworks.com/w/page/44880364/Stage Mods#SimplifiedStages

As they are supposed to run faster, I just don’t want to be fighting on the CVS2 training stage you get when you turn backgrounds off.

All other settings can be at their lowest if needs be, even if it looks ugly, as long as it plays and everything works like the console ports Ill be happy.

If anybody has a laptop with low specs running with similar settings/performance to what ive posted above, please post your specs so as to give me an idea.

Im currently looking at this guy


Thanks in advance.

that laptop will DESTROY sf4
u will probably run at high, not sure tho

I Just searched for the cheapest one I could find that had a dedicated GFX card instead of integrated, I know some Integrated cards can run the game like some of the newer Intel GMA chipsets, but there’s not a lot of info about these cards or specifically this game running on those cards.

Id love it if a notebook could run the game but most of them only have single core processors, so Ill have to settle for a small laptop instead.

o wait i just noticed the gpu is pretty bad
u should try to get a laptop with gtx260m

If it helps, my laptop (Acer 5750G) has a Nvidia GT 540M. It plays at 1920x1200 with high everything except no AA It cost £600 from Amazon

To find the laptop I used: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile-Graphics-Cards-Benchmark-List.844.0.html to find a card then find a laptop with the card in it. According to that list, my card is at slot 98, yours would be 173, maybe OK? Yours would be classed as “Low-Midrange Graphics Cards” mine “Midrange Graphics Cards”. Mine has an i5 in too and 6GB of RAM but I don’t think the extra RAM would make much difference against the model you have selected

Yeah, Acer laptops are cheap and good for gaming. I’ve been using Acer Aspire 5742G myself and I’m pretty happy with it. (SSF4AE benchmark 120-130 fps, high settings no AA).

I think the price hovers around £400 now.

My tips for buying any computer. Things you need to consider in order.
[]What is your budget (how much are you willing to spend)
]What are your needs, what you need to do with your machine
[]What are your wants, what you like to do in addition to your needs
Answers to those questions
]Unknown to the rest of us. What is the Maximum you want to Spend? Please be realistic with this figure.
[]“Needs” are you need a Portable computer (laptop or netbook) that can run Street Fighter IV AE
]Your “Want” is to run your PC at reasonably high settings as the computer you can afford allows. If possible a dedicated graphics unit for your laptop.

  1. As little as possible to run the game at a playable rate, even if it looks like what could be a Wii port, as long as whatever works on it also works on the home consoles Iill be happy. If I had to give a figure, Id say it would be nice if I could do it on less then €500 including P&P.

This guy managed to get the game running at a constant 60fps with the backgrounds on and models set to medium, but the resolution is 720x480 (basically standard def) and everything else set to low or off.


After looking at the above video, I could live with settings that low, and according to this site

His video card can play Fifa 11 at 60fps on low settings, but the card in the laptop I was looking at can run it at 140fps,

His processor however

is slightly faster then mine

So Im just wondering if anybody has similar rigs or know any available on the cheap that will play the game at 60fps, with the backgrounds enabled, and any boost in settings/resolution after that above the lowest is a bonus.

i’m also looking for a cheap laptop

Issue is the market will change every few months, a Laptop I would have recommend to Johnnick back in October wouldn’t be the same laptop I would recommend today or even next February.

Pretty much this is everything you need to consider when buying a laptop. What is the size of your budget? What are your wants? What are you actual needs?
Most New laptops on the market can play Street Fighter IV AE at Morderate to High settings
If you got the cash, Toshiba is what I recommend the most right now as they are 2nd in reliability (based on repair shop reports or the Lack of repairs is better said) the first is Apple.
Your looking for cheap so Apple is out of the window.