Looking for T8 trailer footage

Hey everyone,

With UN coming on the 25th, I’m kind of making an open call for people that have a trick or two they’d like to show off on camera in whatever their favourite game is. I’m looking for about five minutes of total combo footage and considering every combo clip is usually in the realm of 7 - 10 seconds, there’s a lot of room to get footage from all the games. There’s no better opportunity than UN to do this stuff without it costing any money so if you’re attending UN, please help me out.

I’m not going to UN, but IF you need some Montreal footage for T8, I got 2 combo vids on Preppy’s website. There are also 3 Samnang stuff in the end of the first one.

Thanks bud, but I need in game footage only. What I’d really like to get from Samnang is that wacky BH/Cyke DHC combo he likes to do in the corner that shouldn’t work. I only saw it once at T7 and I didn’t get a chance to tape it sadly.

Honda CC

new footage?!
wow thats a surprise.

why dont u just put back the 'KIM’s combo" for another T trailer?
better yet, extend the footage longer, it’ll impress more people.

but make sure its not you whos doing the combo, it has to someone else’s footage which you cant even do.

overall, its very nice of nagata, giving people opportunity to show their stuff on trailer.
for those who were pushing over chairs or adding their retarded 2 cents in people’s conversation just to get a shot on camera during t7, maybe nows the chance for u to get ur moves on t8 footage.


What the hell are you even talking about? I hope you’re not insinuating I put in Kim footage from another player because you couldn’t be any more wrong.

You can show g3nn’s c.lk STANDING MEDIUM KICK into rocket punch combo. He’s the only one who does it like that, should be trailer worthy

nope, theres nothing wrong with putting in another player’s footage.
i just wouldnt be surprise when i see another kim’s exhibition in t8 trailer also.

i see where matt’s post is going, what a great idea.
or u can show how a person does a super motion but some other crap came out and managed to KO the other guy, it’ll be awsome.

I wasnt going anywhere.

Actually the s.mk gives more hit stun so its actually the better option, just g3nn is the only one who does it like that.

me and JS will be there at UN, so there’ll be plenty of exciting footage to tape for CvS 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

didn’t you tape some of the 5v5 from T7? i’m sure there’s something you can use in there…

Footage on how to choke.

If you want GGXX/ footage, Pui keeps all the stuff he’s recorded from casuals or tournaments on youtube. It’s low quality though cause it’s youtube…

I’ll be at UN too if you want more.

alrite i guess its time to show off my infamous unrollable dat everyone from sauga tried to x-copy

I dont rock that shit

s.mk has more hit stun, but it’s more difficult to go straight into ROM off the RP than if the RP hits off c.mk.

On top of that, people occasionally block high after the c.lk, so the s.mk would be blocked while the c.mk wouldn’t.

I got two whole clips from Unlimited Night. It would have been three if Bry hit that Lightning Storm.

Thanks to Nathan for hooking me up.

What was the second clip? Sent/Mags-A beam juggle was the one we talked about.

My mistake. I looked at the tape last night and for some reason I thought Roger pulled off that Sent/Blackheart reset but it stalled too early. Your Sent/Mags Beam was the only one I was able to pull for a T8 clip.

Maybe if the sticks weren’t in such shit condition people would of been busting out more stuff. The 2p side stick felt like it was being held in place by a string.