Looking for some new/interesting 2D fighting games

Preferrably for 360, PC, SNES, Gamecube, or Wii. I’m just in the mood for something interesting. I’ve heard of the more popular titles, MVC, Guilty Gear, Arcana Hearts, Blazblue etc. Looking mostly for those sleeper titles.

i recently found:

WarTech: Senko no Ronde - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

and was curious also if anyone has played it and what your opinion is of it if you have. Watched a few reviews and seems not very skill based…


Sleepers eh? Check out Chaos Breaker, available from the Japanese PSN store, except you don’t have a PS3.

360 - fail system :stuck_out_tongue:

PC - akatsuki blitz kampf, gleam of force 2, queen of fighters 99, Hisoutensoku (or IaMP), Martial Masters

SNES - TMNT Tournament Fighters, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Ranma, SD Hiryuu No Ken

Gamecube - Melee, One Piece Grand Adventure, Naruto GNT4

Wii - just wait until this game comes out: Buy Twinkle Queen (Nintendo? Wii) - Play-Asia.com And Pray. :angel:

Hope some of this helps

SNES-The Art of Fighting, Clayfighter, Ballz, and some Double Dragon Fighting game (don’t recall the name)

Oh yeah, and Shaq Fu.

I would not call the game a fighter. It is more of an action shooter very much like Virtual-On.

Senko actually has a sequel and the discussion for this is in this thread. I have played both versions, and both are very “skill based”. You need a lot of awareness and reactive execution.

This: [media=youtube]hvRvMFqtOcU[/media]

If you suggested PSX and 3D fighters, I would had said Tobal no. 1

Destruction Desire

Probably one of the best homebrew attempts at making a ASW style fighter. Has a very broken but very fun combo system with four completely unique characters. It’s a shame work ended on the project because there was supposed to be eleven characters and the game was showing promise. ASW could deffinately make something out of it if they were given the game to make.



Combo Video




PSX is the word!

2D: Advanced V.G. 2
3D: Kensei Sacred Fist

I’d recommend this. Some friends and I are about roughly 44% through this list.

You should probably check out Battle Fantasia. You can check out tournament matches here for it:

YouTube - RanOuttaBlock’s Channel

Senko no Ronde is a great game. Duo is out now though which I heard is a lot better. Just waiting on a port for it.

100% agreement with Akatsuki Blitz Kampf and especially Naruto GNT4, that game is really nostalgic… Not to mention all the combo canceling, shit is just fun to play.

PSX - Slap Happy Rythm Busters

I’ll second Battle Fantasia.

One Must Fall 2047.

As for the Wii, you could give Castlevania Judgment a try.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure for DC or PC via cps3 emulation (it’s on ggpo)

[media=youtube]E982eTb5R4k[/media] - combo vid

[media=youtube]uMKaK07-e3Q[/media] - match vid DIO vs Joseph/Jotaro

[media=youtube]ylrD2VE9ydo[/media] - match vid Iggy vs Anubis Polnareff

[media=youtube]rMkV8woohqs[/media] - match vid Joatro vs Vanilla (2 of the top japanese players BBC vs Nao)

Shaq Fu gets mentioned for SNES but not Weaponlord?

What’s wrong with you people?

if you got a early wii that doesn’t have that hardware that blocks the “wii loader disc”,…and can play import wii games,…or got a modchipped wii…
then get Toshinden for the wii.
get Bleach versus crusade too.