Looking for some easy top tier characters!

I checked out the guide but i can’t find anything on whos easy to use and really good.

i would love a great team of easy to use characters, i already use wolvy :slight_smile: hes really easy to do his BNB

what other characters would go good with wolvy and be easy to use.

i was thinking wolvy/wesker/akuma. I’m a bitch and i must at least do something as close to a characters bnb as possible! I don’t want someone whos just easy because i can mash with them, i want some easy BNB or close to it.


youre going to get flamed alot.

i however applaud your attitude

I would go with Arthur, but if you really want easy BnBs I’d go with someone like Shuma or Felicia.

Yeah, but Shuma and Felicia aren’t exactly top tier. Arthur, too.

I don’t know whether I should admire the OP for having the guts to make a thread like this or shake my head at the possible trolling/stupidity.


Spend a week to learn Magneto and try:

Nice Flamebait… Gets Popcorn

Cool story bro.

I’d contribute to the thread but it’s already been answered.

This… Thats why my answer…


I use Wesker/Zero/Sentinel or X-23/Wesker/Akuma Good quick teams, one for locking and other for DHC glitch and quick attacks…

im not trolling, can someone explain to me what how asking for easy top tier characters is trolling?

it it because people hate people who take the easy cheap road? i didnt for ssf4 all my mains are lowest of low tear and a lot are advanced, i just dont want to put that much effort in to this game.

I think imma try wesker/wolvie/akuma for now, but iunno, weskers bnb isnt to hard, i can hit it decently, but to actually even get the first part of the combo is way to hard for me, i think imma pussy out and just launch them first and then OTG

I love characters where u can hitconfirm with the light button, like wolvie/akuma… i need a decent assist with my team tho, so i might drop wesk… but then i need OTG!! AAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHH


Wolvie and Wesker are by far 2 of the most brain dead characters in any video game and you throw in Akuma assist and you have a recipe for someone in a coma to succeed with.


dont use x-factor till akuma is by himself then activate xfactor on akuma and spam super.
also random hit with sent = character dead/near dead, also learn the woulvie/akuma assist interaction.

lol thats exactly what i wanted to hear, i will switch characters down the road, but im using this scrub team to learn how to get in how to block all the crap basics.

Dont knock sentinel till you scrub him :wink:

That whole team is easy mode lol. I’ve never had to touch training mode with any of them, its so dumb. Even the things Viscant was getting praised for like his resets after Wesker’s OTG shot, that shit is as simple as it gets and its amazingly effective.

I actually don’t know why people think you’re trolling but w/e. If you can’t do Wesker’s full BnB (it doesn’t work on some characters like Iron Man and Jill anyway), just skip the QCF+L and only do QCF+M, then after relaunch into Berserker Barrage/Tatsu assist.