Looking for Rog sparring parter XBL

Hello. I’m a Ryu player,and recently I’ve been trying to work on my match up with Rog, but with the way majority of ranked matches and endless battle go I’m having a hard time finding someone who understands the fundamentals of the game. If interested please leave your XBL gamertag and I will add you. Thanks! :wgrin:

umm i guess my rog might be high, ive been playing for around a year. my xbl live gametag is Paydr0w, thats a zero by the way. not sure if i will be able to tell you what you are doing wrong but ill keep playing, progress or not:clown:

hit me up if you want some games in…gamertag is A DOO DOO YOZ

Ok Brent. I added you. I’ll be on later today. I have this final for math I need to finish.

GGz earlier today. ^^

He I’m also looking for a rog to fight. Not just any Rog, but a super lame “i only do safe moves and back up” kinda guy. I keep losing to those players, and I need to find a way to win!!

Gamertag: MeanSaltin3

Just friend me and ill invite you when i see you on.