Looking for Players to play with online (PSN)

Recently got internet again and tried the online functions for the first time…can’t say that I was honestly satisfied. Took forever to get into a match and the best match I got were a couple of 2 bar matches that lagged even on the character select screen. Couldn’t even anti-air on reaction and got jump B to death and just forget about doing any sort of combos I practiced XD. It’s like a totally different game online.

ANYWAY(sorry for getting sidetracked), I was wondering if there were any players in or very close to Michigan that’d like to play online sometime. Hopefully being closer will result in less lag so we can actually have fun while playing. PSN ID is artboy_598

Online really isn’t worth bothering with…

I know I know, but I’m not lucky enough to live in a place where there is a strong community where I can play people in person. And the people I probably could play in person are not KOF players let alone fighting game players so I’m kinda at a loss for options. Plus I was trying to get all the trophies in that game but there’s no way I’m playing 300+ games like the ones I played yesterday. It’s kind of a shame since I like everything else about the game.

I’m not exactly in a fight game hotspot myself. But if you can get even one person to play with you regularly, then even that can be sufficient.

Don’t think being in the area is going to help bro. The game is borderline unplayable online across the same city in my experience (obviously ymmv but Orlando has pretty good infrastructure).

Dang I didn’t know it was that bad…:frowning:

Yeah it’s pretty turrible man. People aren’t exaggerating when they say it’s unplayable. It’s just that bad.

Add me :slight_smile: