Looking for players New Haven, CT area!

What’s up, everyone? I came to the SRK forums hoping to find a community in CT to meet up and play with regularly. Right now, I play only with 2 friends… we are amateurs but I really want to work at my skills with more people, and I know I’ll meet much higher level players to train with :p.

I’ve only recently gotten so into fighting games. I started watching videos on youtube of high level play of pretty much everything (3rd Strike, MvC, SSF4, KoF, etc.). Soon I got to recognizing big names in the community and seeing advanced strategies at work and now I need more!

My main concern is, where do people in CT get to play? Smiles seems like a lost cause… and now that Chinatown Fair is over with I feel like there’s nowhere to go :confused:

SO, I know there are CT players here, can anyone help this lost soul?

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