Looking for Players in Irvine Ca area

Hows it going Ladies and Gents! I putting out this post to see if there are players in the irvine/general area who would be interested in doing live casuals every thursday over at my place. If i can get enough positive feed back on people being interested i am forsure down for hosting at my place. Basically the environment is just players picking each others brains while playing and learning more and wanting to engulf themselves in the tourny scene. All players are welcome…well except for scrubs(you know who you are!) I will have food and drinks and sticks unless you would rather bring your own stick then that is welcomed as well.

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Thursday night might not be the best night if you’re looking for good comp. Come to Alex’s Arcade on Thursdays in Santa Ana.

Good luck, though!

Whereabouts in Irvine are you located? I’d be down for some casual sessions.

You should also check out the Fighting Gamers @ UCI Thread. I go there mostly for the casuals, but they get a lot of high level competition on a weekly basis (Team Hori, Richard Nguyen, ytwojay, etc). The admins for the group are really cool too.

I’m in Irvine. I’m looking for a fight group. Not sure if you’re still interested though

mvc3 player in laguna hills lookin to compete an d learn let m e know

I’m still new the scene- I guess you would consider me a scrub_ but I would like to just come and watch and learn if thats cool_?