Looking for phone app that's a move list encyclopedia (like Command.dat for phones)

Title says it, but I’m looking an an app (android, in my case) that basically has movelists for most or all past arcade fighting games, so that you can look them up quickly. My main interest is in Neo Geo games, if it matters.

So far, it seems like something like this doesn’t exist, but if so, it’s something I’d love to see some programmer attempt. Even if it was just a command.dat reader for phones.


This seems like it would be a cool thing to have when playing an unfamilar game at a friend’s house, or in the arcade, or to pass around between turns fighting for visitors who don’t know all the moves.

  1. Open Internet Browser

  2. Go to Gamefaqs.com or SRK Wiki

Having a command.dat reader would be pretty boss on a phone, but GameFAQs will have to do.

I really really don’t get the obsession with “apps”.

You do realise it’s just a marketing managers way of making you use the internet on your mobile without using the word “mobile internet”, right? They’re afraid you’ll remember the bad experiences you had when you tried to google something on your phone 3 years ago. That’s the only reason they invented the word app.

What’s the fascination with installing everything? One day a virus is gonna end up on one of those app stores and 100 million phones will be bricked overnight.

As somebody said above, just add a bookmark to your browser and be done with it. With Android, you’ll probably even be able to save the page in cache, if you’re bothered about the data cost.

That’s odd. I thought it was short for “application”. My phone runs them?

Like with those newfangled computers? I hear-tell that if you don’t install anything from a comp’ny you don’t know, them thar viruses can’t climb in on their own. Not to mention that you get an itemized list of the permissions you’re granting any program. I’m guessing you still own a flip phone?

I have been using the internet on my phone since the olden days. I remember what googling stuff was like back then and it was no big deal. I used to surf with a Sanyo MM8300 and Opera Mini. What if I’m somewhere that has no signal and no wifi?

I want a quick, predictive-searchable database that doesn’t require a connection to the internet. I don’t care about data charges. I care about speed, functionality, convenience, and a readable format that is phone friendly.

You’re right though, it’s silly to want to install stuff on these tiny computers we carry around. What kinda crazy talk is that?

Edit: For the record though, I know what kinda crappy apps you’re talking about now. Like the Best Buy “app” which is just an equally crappy version of their website that you install on your phone. I hate that crap too.

Android apps would be easier to make and stuff compared to iPhone apps actually, if you know how to code in Java then you can make it easily. You just need the Android SDK from Android’s website.

I was thinking about making apps for Android but I sadly don’t know how to code in Java and am too busy to learn.

There is even a gamefaqs app for downloading, and storing faqs for offline viewing.


LOL Thanks.

This program is pretty nice.

Well, people have been using Facebook and eBay in their browser quite happily for like 6 years. And now all of a sudden, you need to install something?! Seriously, what’s the point? It’s just a website. It’s not something that you should be installing (and upgrading every 3 months).

Yeah. It seems like highly paid execs who don’t know how to use their phone all sit together and decide they need a company app, just because a competitor has one.

Apps are generally more user-friendly than those annoying mobile sites.

This thread is going to go off-topic fast. Faster than it already did.

Wow, necro-bump, just to tell me my idea’s still poopy. :wink:

Seriously though, like Snacks said, mobile browsing often leaves something be desired in the layout and readability department, especially if you prefer arrows over “hcb” and “qcf” type directions (or God forbid, keypad numbers). I still think having movelists in a viewer designed for movelists would be more desirable than not. Maybe have cool stuff like a search or cross reference function, so you can quickly determine how many Fatal Fury games Franco Bash was in. I’d gladly pay zero dollars for such an app. Maybe.

Whoa, I didn’t know Java was useful for something other than being a learning tool.