Looking for old Xbox CvS2 players

Hello everybody! I used to be a member of this comunity years ago,my activitie was motly in the online CvS2 forums.
My user name was Supreme Savior. If anyone from those times have SFV please post your ID to add it to my list. Im in Argentina im sure the conection is not going to be the best, but maybe we can have some fun :peace:
My PSN ID its ShinkuHadouken

Hi. Remember me?

Jeebuz Christ. OLD MEN in here.

Supreme and Buzzin ya’ll were both mad nice in CVS2 back then. We going back to walking around with buttenz. I’ll add you for sure Supreme. I heard Sc00t is back in the wild too. Probably dropping on everyone. @SmoothCat and @caliagent#3 / Chemistren are back in too. All the way back to the first broadband fighting game LOL. Laggy times were laggy. Ya’ll don’t remember that MotoGP and MechAssault online.

We old as FUCK


Hi guys thanks for the answer, i dont feel old yet :stuck_out_tongue: those were good times and yes we used to kick ass(online at least) lol I do remember the Moto GP races!
Im playing like shit now(after CvS2 i didnt play fighting games at all) but ill get in good shape in some time
looking forward to play you guys, or at least try.
post your game ID so i can add you
PS: am I on that video? XD

Holy smokes it’s supreme savior! Lol. @Biggzy and @“Captain Ryu” yea we should get all of the old XBL heads back again. I ran into quite a few old xbl cvs2 players on SF4 in the early days and ran into gimmiethemshoes aka Trent yesterday on SFV ranked matches.

My PSN: caliagent3 and my CFN: TeamH8_Ren

Lol holy shit, getbuzzin and supreme savior.

Add me ScootMagee in sf5. PSN is Scoot–Magee 2 dashes.

Lol @“DevilJin 01” not dropping on anyone. I’m more “mature” now. Plus the netcode is great.

Hi guys i added you to my list. I´ll send an invite when i see you online

So many memorable names… Im the not so well known brother of SS, i was Untamed Burrito on the old xbox, I am SupremeSavior on ps4, since it was actually me that came up with that ID i took it back heh

I remember you.

We should add each other through psn because it’s actually hard to tell who is actually on through CFN because it doesn’t say if you’re offline.

My psn is Scoot–Magee for anyone who wants to add me.

SupremeSaviour was a brilliant tag.

Shame this thread got fuck all traction.