Looking for new cell phone advice

My Treo 650 is pretty much tits up at this point. I’m looking for a replacement and would like input. Here’s my main priorities in order:

  1. Hackability. Even if I don’t ever do so, it has to have the ability for me to write and use programs on the phone, written myself or downloaded. This may sound silly, but a good calculator, especially graphing ones with the ability to define functions, would be used often.

  2. Thumb keyboard. A full qwerty thumb keyboard is needed, preferably one that folds or slides out of the way when not in use.

  3. Camera. A good camera with a white LED flash is needed. It’d have to be a very damn clear 2 megapixel or better.

  4. Large screen. The ability to show pictures to others on a large screen would be very nice.

  5. Custom MP3 ringtones. Probably a given at this point, but I’d want to ability to upload ringtones without paying through a provider, either with BitPIM or any other software.

The iphone has been a possibility, but there’s a lot of drawbacks, especially the short battery life, crappy camera, and lack of a thumb keyboard. The G-1 is damn close, except the camera is iffy, I don’t care for the trackballs at all, and the overall shape and size of the phone just feels clunky. Other than those, I’m not too familiar with phones out there, so I wanted to get input from others. I rather like the form of the Env2, but the only one I’ve seen is from Verizon, and locked down pretty hard to prevent uploading or writing apps for it, which is a bit of a deal breaker for me.

im on the same boat as you. There is two device on their way i got my eyes on.

First one is the Samsung Omnia HD and the other is the HTC touch pro 2. Both of them have nice camera but only the HTC touch pro 2 have a slide out full qwerty keyboard. Both of them have windows mobile 6.5, so hackability will come by in no time.

Here is some pictures of the HTC touch pro 2

I think that the Sony Ericsson Xperia might be answer.

More people see it if you ask here.


palm pre just released but currently only through sprint

just wait for the new iphone:P

Ive got an iphone and am due an upgrade soon. Has anyone checked out the Nokia N97? [media=youtube]U-6YcXoRDG0[/media]
or the LG KM900 Arena? http://www.gsmarena.com/lg_km900_arena-2666.php ,
Sony ericsson Satio http://www.gsmarena.com/sony_ericsson_satio_(idou)-2683.php
or you can get a blackberry… everyones got em over here. Or as Zebra says wait for the new iphone.

Fuck the iPhone. Try the Nokia n97. Anything with Symbian is pretty good, and it does fit all your requirements. Apparently with some Nokia phones, you can restart SSL servers as well, (Maddox) so with capabilities like that, I’d go for it. I’m against Samsung phones cause even the ones that use Windows Mobile have some type of annoying proprietary drawback. HTC’s are decent too, or as previously mentioned, the Xperia.

I have the Samsung Instinct, and while it;s decent, i’d stay away from it…The HTC’s are pretty sweet

I have an N95 and love it. You can get one new for just over $300 unlocked. I’m looking forward to the N97, but will probably wait a month or two for it to drop under $600.

I am sending this from my phone of choice… Crackberry!