Looking for music related to TOSF (if anyone remembers)

This may seem a bit far-fetched … but i’m getting desperate.
TOSF once released a VCD from their summer’s end tournament, which had a small loop of a trance-tune between matches. Back in the days (2004 was it?) I actually hunted the song down and had it for several years. I also used the same loop myself when I was creating a stepmania (a music game) theme.

Now, that is the only thing I’ve got left of that song, and I can’t for the live of me remember what it’s called! I believe it was something with ascension (artist or title?) but I’m not sure, and I’ve listened to like 20 trance-songs that’s somewhat related to that name but I still haven’t found it :confused:

I’ve googled for “TOSF toronto third strike” etc. but nothing comes up.
The onlything left of TOSF whatsoever seems to be a few trailers on youtube.

So… here’s the loop I have:
Index of /party/loop

If you do remember the VCD, or even still have it, please listen to the 6-second long loop and help me to identify the song!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: