Looking for more info on Wico Perfect 360 push buttons

Hey guys, looking for more info on these. What do they feel like? Does any one have any for sale? do you need power to run them, etc?

Thanks for the info!!!

There are two types, one variety looks like standard Wico/Happ buttons, the others were marketed as ‘spillproof’ buttons to arcade owners and have a lip that extends over the entire footprint of the exposed button.

They require +5 volts to function.

I only own some of the spill proof ones, they look funny, but have a nice feel. It is very close to Sanwa in terms of sensitivity, but using the spring tension familiar from American buttons. The design of them effectively makes for a bigger surface area which is nice for me because I cannot play well on a straight layout with normal US buttons. The larger Perfect 360 buttons let me play with a more natural hand placement.

They are a nice novelty, I will post up with pictures this weekend. PM me if I forget!

@eczangief thanks! Yeah I was wondering about the spill proof ones. Do you have any for sale? or know someone who might?

What the actual buttons called now?

I think Wico Perfect 360 buttons

Thanks. I wanted to look up information on my own and perhaps do some image searches
I found out its alot easier if you can visualize

here is a You Tube vid I found of the buttons in question


Thanks DARK!

i want some! the big button face is nice. that’s the reason i liked the kuro buttons too. bigger face = ezier for me.

thanks! guys, let me know if you have some for sale. all the same color preferably, but i aint picky.

Hey… That’s my MAS stick!

Hahaha! so anyone have any they wanna sell \ trade?

These buttons seem like they’d be perfect for a “community” stick, one to lend to anyone of any age if they are visiting and are stickless.

Also if your friends tend to enjoy more liquid refreshments than they should then these buttons seem like a godsend… too bad these seem impossible to find.

haha true dat. i want to make a wico total p360 stick for my off stick + kids

question about these. they all take a +5v so would you just daisy chain the +5v to each button from the USB or +5v on the pcb?

Where can you get these?

they are super rare and super old I am hoping to get some from some people here I have acquired two but I don’t think there are anyactual retail outlets where you can get the still

You can’t unless someone owns unsold stock of the buttons.

They are LONG out of production.
Wico shut down ages ago; well over 10 years now.
The only “new” Wico product produced are reproductions from the production molds (IF they exist) or from measurements of Wico product.

I know Paradise Arcade Shop sells a reproduction of the old Wico red balltop. It’s bigger than the Japanese balltops – 38mm versus 35mm – and requires a screw adapter to fit onto new-production joysticks like the JLF and LS-series.

I’m not as anal about reproducing the “American” arcade experience. I was never a fan of the buttons and joysticks used back in the day. What we have available today is much better – more comfortable and more responsive than anything Happ, iL, or Wico ever produced.

I did at one time own two Wico joysticks that were produced for Atari systems way back in the day. I can’t say that I really miss those, either. They had two buttons, one on the base, one on the top of the handle, only one button at a time functional via a base switch… Frankly, they’d be useless for at least 85% of the games produced since the mid-1980s. They wouldn’t have been responsive enough for Street Fighter IV even if they DID have six working buttons let alone the faster-paced CPS-2 games. They were little better than the Atari 2600 joysticks and I believe used a rubber grommet (sp?) system like the Korean joysticks instead of a spring system to re-center themselves.

I remember cutwest having some, but that was a long time ago. I’m gonna guess he sold em all.

i got the couple from him. thank you. just need a few more to complete the build.

I have 3 red white and blue, pay for shipping and they are yours op.

awesome dood!!! thanks a ton!!! plz pm me your paypal and i will send you dem moneyz