Looking for midwest SF4 players for tourny big payout NEW UPDATES AND OFFICIAL POST

hey guys a local game shop here (Gaming Generations) is willing to hold a street fighter 4 tournament here soon … I’ve been talking to them about how big the scene is in the midwest and they are willing to pay out $500 yes its $500 for top player if there is a big turn out more the first place prize amount will be more… For this to happen im asking you “srk ppl” knowing the best competition is here to see if anyone is interested… Location la crosse wi. About 2 and half hours south from the twincities and 6 hours from chicago…


heads up guys i have the dates for the Gaming generations Tournament its May 30th!!! Prize is $1500 for first and $500 for second! more info later this week when the flyers are done… hype it up guys … $20 entry fee …only 100 spots for tournament

Dont worry guys this is just heads up. The official post will be post later this week by the store and not by me. im just letting the “SRK community” you guys know a little info about it im not trying to steal or lie or make things up. Im an honest and pretty friendly guy that like to play street fighter like anyone else here. This is an opportunity to let you guys now a little ahead of time and plan to make it to the tournament.

I would like to see epic matches with me or anyone else with great midwest players. Time to make us shine and play for real money and real matches. Remember this store is doing this for the fighting game community not to make a buck. We’re supposed to have fun and learn a few things or two.

thanks for the suggestions and help guys i appreciate it :tup:

Update 4/23/09


here is the official post by the store guys i know u guys have been asking fo rit it has all the rules and info you need

thanks agian for the help :lovin:

Awright. Hit it!

Might be a good idea to edit the new info into your first post. Also maybe change the title of the thread so it doesn’t have (B) tags around it.

i agree with heartnana, you need to make 1 single post (instead of triple posting, people don’t appreciate even double posting because it is generally expected when you look at the posts the next poster is another person.

merge everything into one post, minus all of the stuff heartnana wrote, and lay it out in an organized fashion with the rules and such.

oh yeah, make a professional, i mean organized, post in the events thread.

there several of us in green bay who will come take your money.

Uh, if there are 100 players and 20 bucks a head, that’s 2k right there, which is your 1500/500, I don’t see what the store is putting up. If it’s 1500/500 plus the entry pot, that’s a different story.

in a 1500 dollar tournament, who determines the 28 people who get byes?

Hmmmm, sounds legit…:stuck_out_tongue: