Looking For Master

Hello everyone, new member here!

So I have been playing fighting games for around 2 years now, but have been isolated from the community and trying to learn on my own. I started playing Street Fighter 4, then I moved to BlazBlue, then Marvel 3 and then Injustice and now I play Skull Girls on PC. I am telling you this so you can understand where I am coming from; the best I did at a fighting game was at rank 60 of 100 in Injustice when the game just launched.

I am requesting for a master who can focus on improving my skills with three critical things: poking, zoning and timing. My biggest mistake whenever I play a fighting game is that I want to poke and get up close to the other players character and just launch combos but my timing needs EXTREME practice. In a game like Injustice, I can link special moves with combos no problem, but I face the big problem that in a game not so much based on ground and wall bounces or with a restricted feel of them, that I need to learn to be fast and fluid with these moves.

I have isolated two characters I am interested in playing with in Skull Girls: Valentine and Parasoul. Parasoul I need more practice, but I am a ok beginner Valentine, so maybe that is a place to start.

So anyone who would agree with teaching me, you can add me to steam, my nickname is:


Thank you!

OBS: I’m located at New South Wales, Australia