Looking for lpn

hi im looking for the player by the name of LPN. i heard he lives in my city and so im looking to get together with him for some casuals. if anyone can direct him to my thread that would be most helpful. and if there are any more players in alameda let me know so we can play sometime.

wow, i hate you


Dude, post in your local thread… and he might be there…

But now you seem like a stalker so…

  1. I dont know what city u live in
  2. what does this have to do with bison?
  3. u made me waste 30 seconds of my life…i want those 30 seconds back

No one put a gun to your head and said, “Act like a jerk for 30 seconds.” Your return has been denied.

Moved your post over to the NorCal matchmaking thread. If you’re a chick looking for LPN, you better be able to make samwiches…

i heard… samwiches? ^.^

26 year old large black male seeks sassy asian partner for 1 on 1 evening of for fun play, must be experienced and open to trying new things, one trick ponies need not apply.

P.S. Bring snacks

i am lpn, send me a pm

:open_mouth: lol Will the real LPN please stand up?:cybot:

haha ok thanks im closing this thread now i found him

thanks sosage for sticking up for me. i hate rude people on srk. i just knew he was a bison player so i posted it in the bison area. btw im thinking of maybe setting up some casuals this weekend at my place. if you are in the east bay check out my thread in the pacific north section

heres the direct link


hi, im cammy allen. i like ice cream lots of it. :looney:

I am LPN. Send me a pm.

sorry, i have had the flu for a week and a half now, and i am mighty cranky :frowning:
sorry again

its ok dont worry about it