Looking for lower to mid execution, non charge character

hey guys, while i was picking up stick, i learned charge characters first since they were easier when i first moved away from pad. i’m trying to open up to non charge characters now but i’d rather pick someone who is not too execution heavy right off the bat so i don’t get (too) frustrated).

any suggestions (besides the shotos)?

Cammy or the ryu family (anyone who shoots a hadoken).

Any shoto (also referred to as the “ryu family” by above poster) OTHER than Akuma, Akuma’s mixup is relatively easy execution wise but there are so many options to take in he isn’t really for beginners.

Just about any non-rushdown character really, if you go on iPLAYWINNER and look at the characters right at the top they list character type in the table, look for ones that say “zoning” as zoning characters in general have easy execution, or relatively easy, for the most part.

In order of requiring least execution to most:

T. Hawk, Zangief, Hakan, Dhalsim, Adon, Gouken, Rose, and Juri.

In order of easiest to play to hardest:

Adon, T. Hawk, Zangief, Juri, Gouken, Rose, Hakan, and Dhalsim.

I have to disagree with the above… Dhalsim’s execution is insanely easy, he should definitely be next to T. Hawk… and Adon relies on some fairly tight links to do anything.

Gouken has harder combos than every other shoto O_o

And Zangief and T.Hawk are hard to play when you consider that you HAVE to know matchups to be able to properly get in on people, otherwise you have to guess lucky and pray for the best.

Dan. For real. He’s pretty much all mindgames.

Gouken has some pretty simple but very damaging setups

Adon isn’t easy to play, he rely everything on reading the opponent in a 50/50 situation. Also the fact that his links are somewhat different then most, and iajk is a bitch