Looking for good cody players on the psn

I just recently started maining cody. I would consider myself an intermediate (have a little above 2000bp with him). Im looking for good cody players on the PSN to train with cuz quite frankly i have yet to run into one online.

add me

PSN: KingVaroon

edit: im a keyboard player… just throwing it out there…

… that’s like the 23590 thread about “looking for cody…” ~_~

use this.

hell, it’s even stickied.

I saw that thread. I started a new one because i didnt think randomly looking up people’s PSN and sending them all add requests was a bright idea. What if they dont add randoms? figured it was better to start a thread and ask people if they were down for some sparring first.

I’d just write in that thread “looking for…”. because, u are the 20th one with the idea to open a new thread, you can imagin how the forum will look at some point in the future xD