Looking for Gief practice

I need Giefs to teach me zoning, spacing, and especially patience. I’m definitely too rushdown happy so feel free to mash spd/lariat on me until I learn.

To return the favor, if you don’t know the Ibuki matchup, I can definitely teach it to you.

PSN: QuanChi401
XBL: MingoDynasty
Location: East Coast
Characters: Ibuki, Cammy, Ryu, Sakura, other alts

LOL, I think your already on my buddy list.


add me xbl: mistergeJJ

If you still need practice, I’d love to get some games in!

PSN: Poccari

I could also use some Zangief practice. I main Rufus (waaaahhh) so yeah this match is ass for me. I live in Texas so I would prefer you live in the South but I don’t care as long as the connection isn’t total ass.

XBL: DukAmok SRK

new to the game in general, really interested in maining zangief, if anyone has time to help me out, id really appreciate it. XBOX: wyldsilence

Revitalizing this thread, instead of making a new one. I am still looking for Gief players (why are you people so rare?). Please add me plox.

I will note that I don’t really play PSN anymore. It’s mostly AE PC, though I still have my 360 if anybody really still plays that.

PSN: QuanChi401
XBL: MingoDynasty
PC: MingoDynasty
Location: East Coast
Characters: almost the entire cast

If you’re in need of Gief practice, shoot me a message on XBL @ ‘EBD Proximity’. Just mention this SRK thread so I know where you’re from and i’ll try my best to work with you. I’m also on the East Coast, NYC, so I should have a good connection if you’re nearby