Looking for friends ( and a semi trainer)

Wassup guys, the name is D’Angelo and i attend college at VCU. Street fighter is my ISHHH but ive never really taken it super serious until the latest one. My fav guys are akuma ken and blanka ( and yea, i avoid “flow charts”). I respect the gaming world and try not to be cheap, but good with my faves, but its hard to not spam, and win (consitantly) soooo im looking for someone to take time and help me get my skillz right and buddy up and w.e. im pretty chill and easy to get along with so, hit me up if you are interested. the gt is -HawaiiDeezus

P.s: to the female gamers out there, i respect what yall do, and ive heard alot of ppl say that guys put them down. well i dont and if you know a thing or two about this game, seriously, ill take all the tips and trix this game has.

later yallz
-Deez :lovin: