Looking for EVO 2010 Women's Invitational Fighters

Hey there. My name is Todd Harper and I work at the MIT Game Lab (http://gamelab.mit.edu). I wrote my doctoral dissertation on the FGC. A few people from here spoke with me at EVO 2009 and for interviews in 2010 – thanks for your help on that!

I’ve currently got a contract to write a book based on that research, and I need your help; I’m hoping to talk to some of the women who played in the EVO 2010 SF4 women’s invitational about their experiences, and I thought this would be a good place to start that search.

If you played in that tourney, or know someone who did and can put me in touch with them, please email me at tlharper@mit.edu or send me a message on these forums. If you guys can do that, it will help me out a ton, and help make the book a lot better (and give a truer picture of the community).

Again: drop me a line at tlharper@mit.edu if you can help me out on this. Thanks!

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P.S probably better off doing this in the Fighting Game discussion or something.

writes research about a community
Does not report findings back to said community.

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I competed and I’m happy to answer any questions.

They probably have public sites or twitter accounts where you can find contact info. Kayane has a website. I don’t know about anyone else.

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I was too busy stomping my feet and holding my breath in protest of that stupid peep show to compete in it. I do know there was someone there with the tag “BurnYourBra”, though.

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I personally find the idea of all female video game tournaments pretty offensive. All it does is reinforce the idea that women have to be segregated to compete with each other.

And while yes, women can enter EVO, I don’t see them having other side tournaments that focus on specific demographics outside of women.

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You would have had a ball with the Women’s Invitational thread that was active in the EVO board.

I didn’t compete, but I’m not a woman either. I feel that those two things should cancel each other out.

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Not a topic for GD.