Looking for AugustAPC

if you know this sakura player tell him to stop being a coward and to run it back with me. This scrub got a couple of lucky wins on good players and he thinks he is hot shit. Need to expose him. Any of you tell him I am waiting for him on XBL. Its online but I need to redeem myself.


found him/her

From what I heard you rage quit during your match with him. You have no reason to be calling anybody a scrub.

Ignorance is bliss I suppose. I wonder how many messages I’ll have from him when I log back on.

Funny thing is I have no idea what he’s talking about when he says, “This scrub got a couple of lucky wins on good players and he thinks he is hot shit.”

Basically all that happened was he rage quit at the end of round 1, I called him out on it and he had a fit.

Uhh what?

This thread lol

lol so you did have the balls to put the message…now rematch me. The “rage quitter” will probably beat your laggy ass. Tell people how laggy u were. :slight_smile: :wink:

And to all the idiots on the thread I will happily take you on. Its so easy to point out fingers to someone who is having a bad day and just try to take advantage of it. Acting like 1337its cunts like you have never had a bad day. Faggots.

Hi August. We played XBL before. I find it amusing when I can find people playing on XBL, then find out they also go on SRK. haha.

i was getting pissed at his lag and his online tactics plus I was having a bad day. He is still a scrub in my eyes. The guy can’t even keep up 3000 PP to save his life. lol. I couldn’t anti- air his obvious jump ins and couldn’t tech his obvious throws. OF COURSE I GOT MAD. stupid delay shenanigans.

If you kept your damn mouth shut I would have moved on. People have reasons why they quit. If someone is legitimately mad I let him be. You seem upset you didnt get your little points. And all this posting of videos of your Xbox Live playthroughs shows how much of a fucking online warrior you are. BTW I already got back a 10fold those pts that I lost pretty easily. Trust me I wasnt gonna give you the pts especially to some lag abusing Sakura fraud. :wink: I have been complemented on my Rose gameplay from a lot of people so you just got me on a bad mood and you think you are hot shit…lol eat a fat dick. You got bodied by Chino who is a typical XBL Guile scrub. That alone is enough prove you are fucking trash.

You are that Bison players who mashes on roundhouse and thinks he is hot shit. Top Bison on PSN?

Sorry wrong Callisto. My bad lol

I only have one question:
If the lag is so bad, why do you want to play him knowing that? You won’t have a perfect connection to everyone…I think you’re putting far too much emphasis on online play. It’s nice for practice, but in the end, matters about as much as your e-penis. My 2¢.

It was my first and only time facing him. And the connection showed up as green. So How would I know he was a laggy Sakura fraud? This guy talks as if he knows me. He put up this little video seeking attention. He is the one looking for a way to boost his e-penis. lol Xbox Live Warrior.


That lag probably fucked up Krone’s execution or maybe it was the frustration of dealing with this laggy Shenanigans that made him do that. One thing is for certain you can see it was kinda laggy. Coincidence? lol I’m surprised Krone didnt quit given the fact I have heard some stories about him on the Viper forums. I decided not to give this fraud the benefit of his online warrior points. Just for the lolz. ANd yeah I was legitimately angry who wouldn’t be with that lag?

You’ve clearly taken my question wrong. Knowing that he lags (having played him already), why would you want to play him more?
As for lag, sure, anyone can get mad at it. I’m guilty myself. But I don’t go to character forums and complain about it. It’s the internet. Grow up a little. Anyways, my 2¢ again. Do whatever you like.

Just to get revenge I’m pretty positive I can beat him…knowing that he lags I will adjust to his weird latency. If he is man enough to post little attention seeking videos shitting on other players such as the one the sandwichcookie monster shared. He should be man enough to record a ft10 of me exposing his fraudulent online tactics. I’m not doing this for enjoyment. If it were up to me I wouldn’t be playing online that much. But since I live in the middle of nowhere I have no choice.

It doesn’t matter if you have 300PP or 3000, if it were online of offline or if it was a clear connection or laggy. You quit. Let me repeat that.** YOU QUIT.** Your right of complaining left the window the minute you dashboarded. You complain that it was laggy? Settle into the situation. You say that he was cheap and predictable? Dare him to do it again and punish him for it. He attacked, realized you couldn’t do shit about it, and kept doing it. Perhaps you were having a bad day. However, there’s no need to belittle his skill just because you had a “scrub day”.

Swear Sakura SRK is getting weird threads recently.