Looking for all Good seth players

My fellow Seth players,

I’m looking for all Seths on this forums (who are on xbox live) for a good challenge against my abel. Now I main Seth but I have recently picked up Abel and I need really good training vs the Seth match up. Mainly because im running into a lot more Seths lately and I have no Idea the match up that well.

I never played a seth vs seth before but Id also like to see how that plays out as well.

My GT is : Gameneo

please, either leave your GT here or send me a FR over xbox saying your from srk.


i’m not that good, hardly play sf4 anymore since ssf4 is so close. but we’ll see how it goes.

Alright, let’s start this thread over again. Seriously, report this stuff to me and I’ll take care of it. ESPECIALLY in the Seth forum of all places!

I could use some help in the mirror match as well, though my internet provider is garbage. Hit me up in #capcom on IRC.

Will do in future. I used the report function on a couple of his posts but I guess that isn’t checked too frequently then?

Ok will do in the future as well.

I dont go on IRC much but whats your GT Jinrai?

I’m still here , Seth is still crap and you’re still crap for using him.

It takes me less than 60 seconds to register a new account thanks to a new service which provides users with access to tempoary email accounts, because of nazi admins.
So please feel free to ban this account as it makes no difference, and when you look into ip banning,I’ll get round that too in about 30 seconds, but do take as many conventional measures as your ability allows and no disrespect but I doubt that goes much beyond the low end features invision have “empowered you with”

Until then enjoy playing your scrubby character and creating little havens where a conflicting opinion destroys your fragile ego’s.

Even your inability to deal with a conflicting opinion is in tune with your scrubby game character. Like I said, you play Seth for a reason.

Later Scrubs.

I have forwarded your post to MrWizard.

wow…just wow…

Good, hopefully he’ll tell you to stop acting like an over sensitive child and bothering him with stupid requests the second anything you don’t like is being written.

hi guys i like seth

Actually, I received permission from him to ban you on sight. Good day.

Then you really have no life.

It’s not that we have fragile egos… You just can’t get over the character choice we play. Maybe you should take a look at what you type and think about it from someone else’s perspective, it might help you understand how childish you look. The main reason is because none of us are going to just stop using Seth because of your opinion, you’re just wasting yours/our time sifting through your banter.

Jinrai: Is there the option of banning the dude from Evo if it persists? Because I’m pretty sure he registered with legitimate information (Name and everything) the first time he signed up for the site; maybe that will give him an incentive to stop flooding a forum that obviously has nothing to do with him.

I’d like to hear VALID!!! arguments as to why you think Seth is a scrubby char. Slandering a character while having nothing to back you up is down Scrubby.

I’m guessing this post is pointless seeing as how trolls/scrubs can’t comprehend logic, what a shame.

Oh and before I forget GameNeo or any one else can feel free to add me. GT TheEmoGuyFrom3S