Looking for Aegis Unblockable counters. Can anyone translate this?


This vid seems really informative on the topic, can anyone translate the sentences or explain the key concepts involved?

The concept behind the Aegis Unblockable is that instead of being completely unable to block two different things simultaneously, the blocking direction SWITCHES very quickly from right to left. It is still blockable, but extremely difficult.

I’ll translate how to block two of the Aegis unblockables mentioned:

The basic throw->Unblockable setup:
Urien is to the left, Ryu is to the right and inbetween Urien and the Aegis.

Block -> (Kick, Aegis)
Block <- (4 hits of Aegis)
Block -> (Elbow, Aegis)

The Corner unblockable escape:
When Urien sets you up in the corner and then does the kneedrop, parry towards the wall and then QUICKLY let go of the stick. Then you can proceed to punish when Urien lands. However, you may not be able to completely escape after the first parry, depending on how deep Urien hits the Kneedrop. In this situation, it’s best just to parry the kneedrop and block the rest of the Aegis, or low parry the Aegis.

As for the Yang unblockable, the trick is to block TOWARDS THE OPPONENT for the first two hits of cr.MP, then block everything else the other way. This depends on how fast the opponent does the cr.MP though, and the timing is generally very strict. I’ll let someone else cover the Yang unblockable, as it’s a bit more complicated.

wow that video is super good

good shit on the explaination Aku

I do have to say that the complete corner escape is harder than it seems. I have seen Senaka and Kuroda both completely escape the corner unblockable(as well as RX in that one combo vid), but I can’t seem to do this. I can parry the first hit just fine, but when I let go of the stick, I get sucked into the rest. Unless you have like zero life left, the best option would really be just to parry the crossup kneedrop and then just block the rest because the Urien player may change or screw up the timing of the kneedrop. Most Uriens I have played against end up doing the cr.HP when they land out of instinct, which equals a free combo. haha

It’s easy! Just parry the wall as soon as you wake up. The word has been spread too cuz not many uriens even attempt the corner ub anymore. They go for the reset which is more scary I think.

Of course in the heat of the moment it’s always possible to muff the parry and die. :sad:

good thing they don’t show how to escape oro ub =)

Thanks for the info guys

Thanks for translating aku.

when I’ve successfully pulled off the corner escape I’ve been able to walk out of it with shotos but never another character yet. Maybe its timing/hitbox/parry animation dependent whether a specific character can walk out of the corner after parry?

Also while we’re on the subject, are there any other moves besides uriens headbutt and necros overhead thing that let’s you “pop” out of the aegis when its on top of you? I could check myself but lazy right now.

also if yun/yang players don’t know already. if you spot that the aegis was thrown out on top of you too late, you can jump and pop out of aegis as well. Guessing this is because they wake up fastest when they quickroll.

edit: another thing I want to add is mov when aegis on top of him has parried my non unblockable mix up by parrying down -> forward -> down. I’m wondering if this is the safest parry guess because if urien goes for uoh you parry the uoh and if they to for low like low short/low forward them you parry both hits with the down input. maybe I’m just looking too far into it and he was just risking it trying to be sick though. Any idea about this?

Akuma’s Demon Flip and Hugo’s Shootdown Backbreaker also pop out I think.

Akuma should always use the Ashura Warp though. Ibuki’s EX anti-air kick thingie gets her out of Aegis too but I am uncertain about the normal versions. Twelve’s backdash gives weird results.

LP srk with ryu or gouki.
Maybe Ken too…

his what?

demon slide. ashura senkuu I think is the transliteration.

i saw that too, it seems like the best guess since most players will go high then low if there mix up fails, but then i remember he would go into block after those few parries possibly not having to worry about getting hit by the mix up because by then if he gets hit, the cr hp wouldnt connect fully into combo…im just doing all this in my head though so im not rly sure…but it definitely seems like thats the best way to parry rather than just f,f,f or d,d,d you know?

So how do you get out of the Oro unblockables?

You parry his strong launcher and avoid the juggle. You can block it too.

I would assume the blocking method works on Oro’s unblockable as well, but don’t take my word on that. The timing on Oro’s crossup changes almost all the time so I’ve never been able to full-parry out of it.

you play urien, the keyword here is, “get out of”.

i think if you read this thread again your answer will pop up.

good threads like this. should not die.

ibuki has a move that if you parry one time and do it right away you can pop out. not sure what move it is as i dont play ibuki, but its the same ones ibuki players spam on wake up so meatys wont work.

i think the mov parrying thing was just to be sick. parrying in that sequence doesnt seem to do anything. the thing ive learned is urien non ub mixups are most successful when you wait a split second to mix up (not doing uoh or low short at the first frame when they wake up). so if you just wait then do cr short, the parrying thing wouldnt work.