Looking for Adons to fight

Hey all, I’m a Gouken main and I need to practice up on this matchup. I don’t have enough experience in it and find myself losing a lot. Anyone want to play a few sets?

My GT is Stodgy Bastige on Xbox Live, I’m from NYC.

19 people and no one wants to play?


sorry man, im based in the UK! I get annoyed at the people in my country lagging! lag against america is usually as bad since I moved! :frowning:

Dragoomba, what’s your GT?

Evil: No Problem, I understand

R Oh Be. Im newer to adon but ill play. Im in NJ.

I’ll play! I’m based in Seattle

Gamertag? Solid7x2 I added you. Look for a friend request from Stodgy Bastige

my gamertag is I Akua I, those are i’s

my gamertag is fighter4hire90, anybody can add me if they want to play i main adon too

GGs last night. Hit me up anytime you see me on if you want to hit up a 5-10 game set.
PS I should have had you a couple of times and missed a retardedly obvious punish with ultra; I was having some button sticking issues so I replaced them :slight_smile:

Haha yeah I know. I’m not really interested in winning, just learning how to stuff and prevent certain situations. Seeing what works and doesn’t, know what I mean? It was nice to discover that normal divekick safejump set up :slight_smile: I’ve always had problems safe jumping Adon but that worked out wonderfully.

My weakness is throws, once you start mixing in lots of throws I’m done, and with Gouken a throw leads to ungodly damage.

Well the good thing is, they nerfed the backthrow Ultra damage by over 100.