Looking for a wireless network printer/scanner/copier

I don’t even know if such a device exists. I’m looking for a wireless network printer/scanner/copier. By “wireless network” I mean that it uses wifi to talk to my wireless router. Ideally I don’t want an HP device, because I hate the software you have to install to make it work (and that I have to regedit out of running when Windows starts).

Any advice/suggestions?

My older brother has a Lexmark AIO machine at his place.


It’s a Lexmark, and I’ve never liked their stuff, but this is definitely one alternative.

Are you looking something that uses ink or toner? I have a Brother laser printer that has the ability to print, scan, copy, etc wirelessly.

Thanks for the heads up!

Either color ink or B&W toner (as long as it scans in color lol). One or the other is fine. A Brother, you say? Do you happen to know the model?