Looking for a Training Partner

I’m looking for a training partner to help me out in ultra i play Decapre and I wanted to see if any other Decapre players out there could help me get better maybe not even a decapre just a regular person who plays the game and could help me in certain match up’s

I’m not the best but I’ll hop on and play some games with you some time. I’m always up for a good spar. I main Decapre too. You on xbox?

yessir wht’s your tag?

Feel free to add me if you want. I can use the mirror match practice as well as some other matchups. GT: WhoSalty

Sweetness. GT:notgeckoroman

ok i’ll hit u both up when i get on and we can run over some other match-up’s i can also play rufus and cammy as well as fei and ryu

Xbox live terrymasters88

Xbox: hikodavid.

I’m looking for a training partner as well. This is the first time I’m using a charge character but I find myself getting a little frustrated using her, especially against Shotos. I use pad.

Oh, one more thing. My PSN is the same as my name.

Feel free to add me as well, Im always up for training.

XBL: Dawknezz007

Im reasonably fresh and would love a training partner: Kayo_24, I’m on quite often.

Anybody can add me. Xbl hikodavid