Looking for a sparring partner on Xbox 360

I want to test out my Sakura and get some feedback.

Xbox live - KaineDamo

my tag is kor sir irnside. add me as a friend and hit me up if im on

Are you East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, South?

I’m East Coast…once I get XBL back up and running I’ll play you.

I’m down.

TAG IS TO ZEE LEFT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Add me; bLuEpOoPiE.
You’ll beat me.

Im down for some matches
Add Me: Coosco

Yeah why not!? I’m a beginner though.

GT is digidoh

If you’re still looking some matches, hit me up
GT - yes06kin

Instead of making a new thread i think its wise to post it in here…

Good Abel Player Also looking for strong Sakura’s to train against…
Hit me up on XBL, i currently dont have SSF4 for PS3