Looking for a sega astro city Virtua Stick Pro

^^What the title says. It looks like this, shoot me a pm if you have ne for sale. Thanks


Seriously, good luck. They’re really expensive, and when you find one someone else buys it before you can.

I see one right now at yahoojp, but i dont know how ot bid on it? LOL

How much are you willing on paying for one, I have one but i don’t know it cost me like $400


$400 :wow::wow::wow:

That setup is beautiful :love:

It is soo worth it…its like having a japanese cab, and nothing is better than playing on a japanese cab…just put some sanwa buttons and its the best stick ever!!

Bought mine locally for $75, then again the store I bought it from was like stupid for selling it for $75 in the first place. :rofl:

I saw some of these for good prices when I went on vacation to Osaka last September though, kinda wish I bought another to mod as a PS3 stick setup (since there is no way I’m going to harm my Saturn setup).

i have the original control panel that i am not using. i replaced my control panel with a versus city panel !