Looking for a new stick!

Hey all!

 Been a fighting game fan a long time, but using a pad. Bought a Hori Fighting Stick 3 about 8 months ago, and have been using it in Soul Calibur 4 and now Marvel vs Capcom 2, loved it, combos are a breeze nowadays. After some heavy usage, my stick is starting to show some wear....namely a loose joystick.

 I feel I've come to the point where it is time to step up my game, so I'm looking to get a new stick. I want to get the best of the best, and from reading around, it seems that I should either be getting a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 or a Madcatz SFIV Tournament Edition stick. My question is, which is better? Please list REASONS why one is better than the other. Also, if anybody has a place that has them on sale(new please, no used), give me a link please. :bgrin: I'm playing it on a PS3, BTW. Thanks in advance y'all!


its a matter of preference, TE comes with all sanwa, hrap u gotta change the buttons, same stick, feels the same, TE has cable compartment, but its all preference, and there’s a Buy sell trade section for trading. Search the forums, this has been brought up many times

as far as the body of the arcade sticks go, its rather preference, as is the button layout.

the TE gives you a nice total package, that does not need to be modified in any way, and it still feels professional.

A standard HRAP3 has the same joystick, but stock hori buttons, and while the hori buttons arent all around awful, they are not sanwa.

i suppose one advantage of the HRAP3 is that it is cheaper (due to buttons), and if you upgrade the buttons, you can opt to go for semitsu over sanwa if you prefer.

to me, its one of things where you cant really go wrong with either, although i will just remind you the PS3 TE does not work on ps2 games on a BC ps3 (if you care for that or not)

Alright guys, thanks, been doing some research and I think I’m gonna go with a real Arcade Pro 3 and change the buttons. Which buttons do I need to get? The joystick is fine, right? Its quality is good enough to stay?

Get the TE. The design is near flawless for the price. I hate the button layout of the HRAP 3. If you want a stiffer joystick go with a semitsu. Alot of japanese arcades go with a semitsu stick and sanwa button combinations. I own a semitsu and a sawna. I prefer the sawna stick and buttons. Semitsu buttons are kind of stiff but if highly sensitive buttons irritate you then stay clear of sanwa. Seems like just looking at them will register an input at times.

Stay far away from the Mayflash unless you plan on modding it.

If you can wait a month, amazon will be selling the HRAP3SA which is already pre-modded with all sanwa parts. For $120 and free shipping, it’s cheaper than if you were to do it yourself

For the eight action buttons use 30mm Sanwa snap-in buttons OBSF-30 for the the start and select use 24mm snap-in buttons. I would only use screw ins with wood, so go with snap ins for metal.

You can also use Seimitsu Snap ins. Seimitsu springs in general are stiffer so there is more resistance than Sanwa, not much more, just enough to tell if you are paying attention. Sanwa feel more responsive because of the lighter spring, but for some people they are too soft.

Get a custom. Nothing’s better when everything is to your liking. Button layout, case material, dual mod, Sanwa or Seimitsu, etc…

If you wanted the best of the best, Ultimate, uber stick and don’t want to wait on a custom builder then you would make your own from these parts:

Fully aluminum Body Case. I’m 260 lbs and stood on mine for a second.

A Cthulhu PCB
and a Zip tie to affix this to the case

and ball top

8 30mm screw in Buttons

And 3 24mm Seimitsu screw in buttons

And lastly 1 button plug for the Sync button hole you won’t be using.

Some 22 or 24 gauge wire and quick disconnects and a wire cutter/crimper and 15 foot usb B cable.

Only about $350+ dollars!

I’m sad to say I wasted money on two of them.

Amazing site! I wish we had a gamingnow.net calibre store in Europe :frowning:

Isn’t up to that calibre?