Looking for a multipurpose pad

My fightpad is on its last legs, unfortunately. I want a controller that is good for any other kind of game as well as fighters.

What am I looking at? Is the Hori EX1 any good?

[S]This is the Hori EX 1[/S]

[edit: see JDM’s post below]

Do you want a game pad for fighting then get a fighting game pad, you want a good all around game pad, for PS3 stick with the stock Dual Shock 3 pads.
For Xbox 360, find something that does not have a shit d-pad.

If you want something that is useable on both systems, PS2 Dual Shock with adapters.

For Fighters (pad wise) I prefer the Official Sega Saturn Pads (Model 2) , the PS2 version of the Sega Saturn Pads is also great (rare and pricy), avoid the USB crap.
My 2nd Choice is a Nintendo SNES pad.

I’ve heard some good things about the new Xbox controllers with the twisty d pads. They’re apparently more accurate.




HORI Fighting Stick EX.

HORI Fighting Stick EX2.

Thanks for clearing that one up for me, looks like google image search failed me.