Looking for a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3? Now is the Time to Buy

Right now, it’s $89.99, with free shipping from amazon. The only downside is that it won’t ship until the 29th. Like the title says, if you want a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3, now is the time to buy.

the real question is:
why are people buying an HRAP3, an HRAPEX, and a madcatz TE at the same time? points to the frequently bought together section below the picture that’s just a waste of plastic =/

Haha, I’ve wondered the same thing.

Wow… I’m about to just grab another one.

yea, sinfully cheap. like $40 less than I paid for mine. I might get one just to see if I can put a Wii Classic PCB in it for TvC. cancel my SF4 TE pre-orders outright. I can get 2 of these for damn near the price of 1 TE stick.


?? I don’t see the huge discount…

It’s marked down to $89.99 from $99.99

A $10.00 saving is nice but I don’t think this deal is that hot.

more than that, these things are hard to find anyway. they don’t last long at any price, let alone a discounted price.

free shipping. Most places rip you to bits on shipping.

If I didn’t already have 6 of these I’d order one!

man, they don’t ship to canada. this sucks.

Free shipping is the big discount. My hrap3 was ~$155 shipped from Cali to RI.

$90.00 for an HRAP3 is excellent.

The base price at most retailers is $100.00

Factor in ridiculous shipping (is my arcade stick coming from the fucking moon?) and you have at least another $25-$50 being tacked onto your bill…

I’ll be picking up at least four or five of these and sealing them in storage to be used later for either parts or to eventually turn them into a PS3 based arcade cabinet.

I’d rather wait for the SF4TE stick. I really really REALLY want a good stick to play on, though.

get both

can’t go wrong having 2 really good sticks

10 dollars down? NICE

Can’t wait until next Monday when it ships :smiley:

Bought dat shit.

Dang it’s just really hard to justify a purchase like this to myself right now. I’ve already spent frivolously this fall/winter. If they carried these at Gamestop I could use my stored up store credit to get one without affecting the bank account.

Kinda offtopic but hmm, didn’t I met you on a graphics forum? Your sig reminds me of something or somewhere.

Hmm… 130$ eh? Still thinking either getting that or the TE stick.