Looking for a guide/tutorial for the VSHG

I’ve been looking all over for one, but my search has come up empty. I’ve been planning to mod my VSHG for awhile, but I’m unsure of how to reach the guts inside this stick. I unscrew the bottom panel and I’m met with this long metal panel barring me from going deeper, I take that off, and but it’s a dead end lol. I’m assuming I need a good small wrench or pliers to reach the bolts connecting to the front panel to remove it and get inside, but I dunno. A visual guide or something for what I’m supposed to do would be helpful, I’m really noob at when it comes to modding and I’m not a tool guy or handy man. Thanks~

you have to remove the 6 nuts/bolts that are holding the top metal panel to the plastic shell. if i remember correctly it is a 7mm nut driver to remove them.

That small metal panel you removed is purely for weight.

Please be aware that the VSHG’s top buttons (PS, Select, L2, R2) do not use Quick Disconnects, so you will need to solder or find other work-arounds if you want to add dual-mod functionality.

My main concern is just making my VSHG so it’ll register 3 button presses, I’ve read around it has problems registering those kind of inputs and I’ve noticed it myself while playing some games. I’d like to try to tackle the problem, unfortunately, I’m a bit tight on funds so I can’t order a brand new PCB yet. Would be great if I could find a visual detailed guide though.

Replace the pcb if you have that problem that’s about your only option there are no fixes

I intend to replace the pcb, it’s just I’m not sure of the steps involved, that’s why I’m asking for a guide if one exists.

There is no need for a guide specifically for VSHG dual mod so no one would do one.
its the same as any dual mod between a 360 and ps3 nothing special