Looking for a great damage combo

Is there a deadly combo for Dudley without having stunned your opponent before doing it? Usually most damaging combos have to have your opponent first stun to execute, so there seems to be hardly any opportunity for you to land it. If you do know any damaging (i.e take more than 75% percent of your opponent’s life bar) please list them and help me out. I am very grateful to this.

If Dudley had 75% combos to be thrown out at random without needing stun he’d be much better. I can’t help you there I can give you a nice corner combo. Common Knowledge usually btw.

rh xx ex mgb, late f + mk xx Hp Jet uppercut xx rocket uppercut.

(please correct if my lingo is off)

There is one, it starts at the character selection screen. Highlight Dudley, then press left, then up 3 times. Press any punch or kick and select the 3rd Super Art. You will now have the ability to do %75 damage combos without stun

Oh, and DanD’s lingo is off …and he’s a ninja


this one is one of my faves (although it’s not a 75% eater) :

jump in fierce -> s. roundhouse -> strong Jet Uppercut xx Rocket Uppercut

does roughly half the bar (more if you taunt beforehand) on most characters and 75% stun is inflicted. if you land this on a crouching Akuma, guaranteed 75% damage or more :badboy:.

Unless you’ve NEVER played 3S before you’d know that there are VERY few characters who can do more than 50% in one combo, let alone 75%. Sheesh, this game isn’t MvC2.

hey possible you guys. I have been playing SS3 for a couple of years and in deed he has one. I do not know if you guys still remember the website FIGHTERS.NET. There are a huge collection of combos there. Yet, unfortunately, it is gone due to some conflicts between the webster and the host…I don’t quite remember how the combo is done but as far as I know, you must have your opponent in the corner and do something do knock them in the air, after which you start doing the cr.hk(about 4 or five hits) and then do the EX dash thing, which is done with hcf+two punches, and supper uppercut. It takes more than seventy five percents of your life. Not to mention about the damage, the combo itself looks damn cool. I think the combo still exist if you ask webster for it in COMBOVIDEO.COM.

P.S there is also a guy who used to help me with DUDLEY’S combos in this forum, and most of the combos he helps with can eliminate you to ash—at least over 50 percents of damage. However, owing to the fact that this website changes so often(i.e update) I do not know where he is right now. He might probably quit posting or no longer post.

if i recall correctly, that Dudley combo video on fighters.net was done by 311 (something to that effect anyway) and that combo you’re talking about was done on Ibuki. Ibuki is like Akuma in that she has piss poor defense which = lots of damage for Dudley. another factor to that is Ibuki can be swept over and over again. so theoretically speaking, if that combo were possible on characters with “normal” stamina, like Ryu, it wouldn’t do as much damage.

the 2 combos done on Ibuki are as follows:

  1. c. roundhouse -> c. roundhouse -> jab MGB -> c. roundhouse -> Rocket Uppercut (only 3 hits) -> fierce Jet Uppercut xx Rocket Uppercut

  2. jump in fierce -> s. roundhouse -> EX MGB -> c. roundhouse -> EX MGB -> jab MGB -> forward Ducking Uppercut xx Rocket Uppercut

combo #2 is also possible against Chun-Li (maybe Remy and Oro as well), but will not do as much damage. against Remy the damage will probably be the same.

combos like that are a waste of meter though. you can get similar results without using 2 EXes + a super. the combo i put in my initial post, now that’s practical :lol:. or you can do your EX stuff but not super cancel at the end. the damage done by the super at the end isn’t worth burning an entire bar for it.

that’s good shit man! hella tight…I haven’t tried yours yet, but I think yours is a lot easier than the two done by 311. Anyway do you have any stunning combo to introduce…? and the shit(combos) can take more than 75 percents of the life of your opponent.

man I just have a question about this combo:
cr.hk, jab MGB, jab MGB xx super…
I find it hella hard to connect the second jab MGB. Would anybody help me please! P.S I am pretty sure that this combo can only be done on certain characters, so which character can I land this combo on?

  1. c. roundhouse -> c. roundhouse -> jab MGB -> c. roundhouse -> jab MGB -> Rocket Uppercut (only 3 hits) -> fierce Jet Uppercut xx Rocket Uppercut

  2. jump in fierce -> s. roundhouse -> EX MGB -> c. roundhouse -> EX MGB -> jab MGB -> forward Ducking Uppercut xx Rocket Uppercut

*About the two combos above, the super rocket uppercut I do always end up with a series of attacks rather than (only 3 hits). I just wonder why. Would you please also help me with this? In addition to the problems above, I have also recognized that these two combos can only be done on certain characters, so who can be landed these combos on?

Did you check this post at all???

This is a pretty damaging combo for Dudley if your opponent is in the corner and you are against the following fighters:Elena, Necro, Urien or Gill.

:hk:, :hcb:+:lk:, Rolling Thunder :qcf::qcf:+:p:~:p:,:p:,:p:…
, :hcf:+:lp:

:clap: best dudly combo its easy, high damage, and it does a lot of stun. the jump in :hp:, standing :hk:, is the best way to start a hardcore dudly combo. kal el are a dudly only character?

Most Damaging no meter midscreen Dudley combo I have found. (learned this one from Vic) c.rh, c.rh, dash, c.mp xx hp dp (2 hits). Does more than a Rocket Uppercut. Works on Chun, Elena, Oro, Q, and I think Makoto as well.

for tourney play and most casuals, yeah. i only use Dudley.

occasionally, for some light-hearted matches, i will use Alex, Denjin Ryu, Ken, Makoto and Q. i try (emphasis on try) to use Urien every now and then though :lol:.

epsilon_: that combo is teh sweetness!


Another Combo for Dudley I recently picked up and put in my bag of tricks.

:hk:, :hcf:+:2p:, :r:+:hp:, Rocket Uppercut:qcf::qcf:+:p: