Looking for a good PS3 Fight Stick

Hello, I’m looking to buy a fight stick that will mainly be used on a PS3 system and possibly PC, But if it has multi-system compatibility for PS3,XBOX360,PC,ETC that would be nice as well. The price range I’m looking to spend is in the low hundreds, I was looking to purchase this one here http://eightarc.com/ps3-onyx but they contacted me and said they don’t plan on restocking that model. So can anyone recommend a good fight stick for me? Thank you.

If you’re fixated on Eight Arc, they do have the Fusion Ivory model, that works between the platforms you’re looking for (without having to mod it yourself) and it’s currently in stock. To be frank, this isn’t exactly the right forum (sub-section, at least) to be asking about new sticks. The best area to ask such a question would be Tech Talk. And even more specifically, the “What Stick/Controller Should I Buy?” thread.

Good luck and happy findings, man.

Thanks for the advice, I didn’t know where else to post this since it was my first post being made so this just seemed like the right place to put it. But thanks for that other link and I did look at the Fusion Ivory model I just thought it was a little too pricey compared to the original one I posted. But thanks again and I’ll check out that second link you put up.