Looking for 2D character artists for gamecube fighting game

I want to say that first off, even though this is a gamecube project, it’s not paid work. I have access to a devkit that I’m working on just for gaining console experience. I’m looking for 2D drawn sprites, not rendered out 3D Stuff. No Killer Instinct or Primal Rage bullshit :slight_smile: No stealing via MUGEN either, original stuff only. Not only is it cooler but if the game kicksass there’ll be potential to sell it later (without legal issues). I will primarily be doing the fighting engine and also likely be involved in the creative writing aspect of characters, world design etc. The goal is to finish a polished “proof of concept”, two characters but with as much gameplay as possible (not just a joypad tester), lifebars, background etc. Whether there is a rest of the game or not will depend on whether the team works, I know we all got time issues. It will also be coded so that the game can be continued/ported to PC

If you’re interested send me stuff at fathamburger@gmail.com. I’m looking for at least a piece of concept art/character portrait. If you have a character you’ve done before then see if you can convert all the frames to transparent tga’s and send those in. If you’re protective over your character, or don’t want to send the whole thing just yet, one move will do so I can see how many frames and how they’ll animate. You can also do a complete job i.e. an animated gif or movie of the frames animated, and maybe even show the timing that you’re thinking of.

Style is not that important right now, I’m more concerned about complete characters (moves, poses, dashes and all), how far we go will be up to the artists. As you all know, 2D fighters live or die based on the characters first, then the fighting engine (how else to explain MK?) .