Lookin' to up my game on SFIV

Im no stranger to Street fighter, but I never took it serious enough to learn every aspect of my favorite characters. I just got x-box live ( again) and im looking for someone ( or more) guys and girls to help me up my game. Im a quick learner and im lookin for some solid friends/competition for this game. As far as company goes, Im chilled and laid back so send me a message on here or live if you are interested. If you wanted to know who my favs are, they are akuma, ken, and blanka. and my gamertag is the same as the name here,HawaiiDeezus. Deuces :lovin:

I’m down to get some matches going. I hate playing all three of your chars simply because I’m not good getting in usually, then again, most of em are scrubby lil bastards.

I’ll add you. I’m an aspiring abel player. :slight_smile:

XBL: redwood615

Hey ill give you a hand man, i know a little, i’ll send you a friend request when i jump on.