Lookin for opinions on this pic i made

sumtin i made for myspace since i just got a new digicam and was messin wit it. found a cool background tutorial…fucked up the tutorial as i usually do but still came out wut i think is pretty dope. opinions?


Its okay, but the pic makes you look chubby and extremly dark.

The three motives don’t really mix together (background, letters, person standing there.)

But, it looks great for one of the first things you made.

I personally don’t like the background too much. The circle shape, the diagonal lines, and the horizontal lines don’t all go well together.

But it’s a very clean cut of you in that picture. I really have to commend you on that.

And yes, very good for one of the first things you made. :]

i was really worried i was gonna cut it badly. cuz ive never had any real practice with cutting so im pretty proud of that. are their any good books on graphic design or sites you guys recommend to get better?

Maybe this site:


I haven’t checked out yet myself but I hear it has some good stuff on it.

This one might be useful too:


Go get’em… dood!

actually good tutorials is where i got the tutorial on the background.