Lookin 4 gamers in T5DR in RGV area

i am lookin 4 any girl gamers (possibly guys 2) in the area of the RGV (rio grande Valley)…if u r interested, go 2 the sunrise mall in brownsville on a saturday and more than likely I will be at tekken 5 lookin 4 challengers…hint: i will b the only girl playin there…there’s others but just watch how they play, i’d b usin ling xiaoyu,and lili kickin butt…other girls use lili alot 2, but there not that fortunate… I am usually found there on saturdays mainly from about 2-9 pm
the directions 2 the mall r below…# 2.
(more girls needed) i play way 2 many guys and beat them…except 4 Fro

2370 N. Expressway
Brownsville, Texas
Phone #(956) 541-53-02


Tekken players…



post in appropriate areas (i.e. matchmaking forums that corresponds to your region. or goto tekkenzaibatsu and do the same. )